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Top tips for perfecting your vacation shots.


Taking a vacation, whether it’s on your own or with family and friends, is a happy and exciting time. There is always a memorable, funny or majestic moment to capture as you relax and unwind. Taking great photos is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone but there are a few things you can do to ensure that you have plenty of wonderful images to remember your vacation by.

Simple Photography Tips for the Traveler

  • The moments are what matters on a vacation so try not to get the people you’re with to pose too often. Instead, focus on capturing special moments between your children or between friends. You also never know when a unique moment might present itself in your surroundings so always have your camera ready. 

  • If you are looking to get some great shots of the scenery around you, it’s always best to get up early if you can. The lighting will be better earlier in the day and hopefully there won’t be as many people around. 

  • Before you pack up your belongings and head out the door, become familiar with the settings on your camera. Take out your camera’s manual and have a quick read through the settings and features to ensure that you’re up to speed with what your camera is capable of. 

  • Don’t forget to take some detailed shots too. While you want to capture the scenery and be able to show others what you experienced on vacation, taking the time to zoom in on the smaller details can make for some amazing photos too.  Whether it’s a great meal that you had or the beautiful detail on a building, try not to discount those shots. 

  • Bonus Tip: Get a few shots of the locals and anything that might be going on around you. These shots tend to tell the best stories.

Safe travels.


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Getting Creative with Portrait Photography


A few tips for how to take your portrait photos up a notch.

When you think of portrait photography, the standard head and shoulders shot with a slightly tilted chin probably comes to mind. While there is a place for more formal portraits, adding a little creative flair can change up your images and give you amazing results.

Here are a few subtle ways that you can really turn your portrait photography around.

Forget Eye-Level

There is no rule that says a portrait always needs to be taken at eye-level. Have your photo shot from above to give your portrait a more artistic flair.

Lose the Eye Contact

While a subject making direct eye contact with the camera does create a connection with the person viewing the photo, there are other options such as having the subject focus on something unseen to bring an element of mystery and intrigue to the shot.


Bring in a Prop

Using a prop in a shot helps tell a story, brings in some color or just adds some general visual interest. It’s important that you keep the prop simple though so that you aren’t diverting the attention off the main subject of the photo.

Experiment with Lighting

Try taking photos around a shutter or doorway where you can play with natural light. Another option is to play with shadows or even brightly colored lights. Again, it’s important not to detract from the person in the photo if you will be using dramatic lighting.

Play with Backgrounds

Adjusting something as obvious as the background can make all the difference to a portrait shot. Backgrounds of different colors or even different textures can all be used. If patterns are used however, make sure that they aren’t too busy.


Once you start getting creative with portrait photography, it’ll be hard to take a plain portrait shot again.  



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A Basic Guide to a Great Headshot Photo Session

A Basic Guide to a Great Headshot Photo Session 

Professional headshots are the first introduction to you, your business and your personal brand.

Around 93% of HR professionals and recruiters turn to LinkedIn to find quality candidates, 2 in 3 turn to Facebook and more than half utilize Twitter. This just proves that a headshot plays an important role in your professional life. Your headshot should be a powerful, compelling and confidence-instilling headshot that makes prospective clients, employers and partners want to reach out and connect with you. 


Before you head to the studio for your professional headshot photo session, think about the things that you want others to see when they glance at your profile page.

Think about some of the characteristics that embody your personal brand. Are you a chef, an educator, a writer? Write down some keywords and phrases. If there are certain props that could help tell your story, bring them along to your session too. 

We will usually take a few different shots using various outfits so that you have a good selection to choose from. If you’re going to be using your headshot on a specific social media platform, you might even want to tailor it to fit that site. 

It’s important that your look matches the image you’re trying to convey.  What you wear on a daily basis is a great place to start. Solid colors are always a good choice, as are tops with strong collars and necklines. We suggest that you wear clothing that compliments your skin and eye tones and it’s best to stay away from very bold colors too. Even though you’ll only be photographed from the shoulders up, it’s important for your entire outfit is professional as you may want a shot or two that is taken further away and incorporates more of your body. 

Even though this is a more professional shoot, remember to have fun. A relaxed, comfortable subject naturally exudes confidence.




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How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer  

How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer

What you need to consider before you pay that photography deposit.

If you’ve started the search for a photographer then you’ll know just how many options there are. Before you go ahead and book a professional photographer for a shoot though, there are a couple important things to consider.

What style are you looking for?

Photographers have different styles so you need to decide on someone who can help you achieve the end result you are looking for. This applies to everything from wedding and maternity shoots to family and corporate shoots. Ask the photographer for some examples of their latest work to evaluate whether they can cater to your needs.

Research and review.

Before you invest in a professional photographer you need to do your homework. Get online to find a few customer reviews, browse around their website to view their latest work and have a look around their social media pages to find out what others are saying about them. These platforms will also give you a good idea of their personality and style. Some other important points to consider when researching photographers are:

  1. Budget. Do their services fall within your price range?

  2. Expertise. Are they experienced enough to give you the results you are looking for?

  3. Location. Are they based in your area and are they willing to travel to a specific location if need be?

  4. Quality. Is the quality of their photos good enough? Look at aspects such as sharpness, exposure and saturation.


Create a short list.

Once you have done your research, create a short list of professional photographers that stand out for you. Get in touch with each of them to discuss your needs and to ask any questions that you might have. It’s important that you chat with the photographer over the phone if not in person as this is the best way to get to know them and find out whether you’ll be able to work with them. Feeling uncomfortable or stressed out around your photographer makes for bad photos.

It’s important that you pick a photographer that you have confidence in. Your photos are there to last you a lifetime so while there is nothing wrong with helping out your photographer friend who has just started out, it’s best to choose an experienced photographer for important events and occasions that you can’t relive. 


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6 Ways to Always Look Fantastic in Photos

6 Ways to Always Look Fantastic in Photos

Photography tips and tricks to help you look your best.

From school yearbooks to friends’ weddings, we’ve all been in front of the camera at some point or another and if you’ve recently looked at a photo with disdain then this post is for you. If you know that you’re going to have a lens pointed in your direction in the near future, below are six simple ways to get better results.


  1. Get to Know Your Face. This applies to professional photoshoots as well as everyday photos. Take time getting to know your face, how to smile naturally and which side or angle of your face you like better. 

  2. Easy on the makeup. While an evening out is a different story when it comes to makeup, if you’re having headshots, family or maternity photos taken, go easy on the makeup. You want some basic coverage but don’t overdo it. You should also only stick to accentuating one part of your face so choose either your eyes or lips but not both.

  3. Facing the camera. Your photographer will help you when it comes to posing for photos but in general, you shouldn’t be facing the camera head-on. Positioning your body at an angle always makes for better photos.

  4. Controlling your chin. Photos where your neck is elongated and your chin is pushed slightly forward will lift your face and give it a more angular look. You might want to practice this beforehand in order to get used to it.

  5. Pick your outfit carefully. Put some thought into what you’ll wear to your shoot. Pair bold designs and patterns with solid colors to avoid too much distraction. You should also pay attention to the fit and shape of your outfit. Make sure it compliments you and that you feel comfortable.

  6. Use lighting to your advantage. This is something that your professional photographer will be an expert at but the right lighting can mean the difference between that wow factor and disappointment. Avoid standing directly under a light as this will create weird shadows on your face.  This is something we will help you out with because we are experts so take our advice when we suggest a specific time for photos. If shooting outdoors, the best light will be 15-20 minutes before & after sunset. Unless it’s an overcast day, we will always try to get you in full shade so that the lighting isn’t dappled or causing weird shadows on your face.

As much as the above tips will help you during your professional photoshoot, always remember to have fun and relax as this will do wonders for your photos. 



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Choosing the Right Camera for Your Child Choosing the Right Camera for Your Child

If your child has recently started showing an interest in photography and you are thinking about buying them their first camera, there are a few things you need to consider. As a parent you probably know that a kid’s interests can change tomorrow, next week or even next year but the good news is that you can still support their new hobby without breaking the bank.    


Here are our top 7 tips for choosing a camera for your kid. 

  1. Choose a camera that will enable your child to learn the basics quite quickly. Make sure that the controls and buttons are manageable and that the size of the camera is suited to the size of their hands. The menus should also be logical, easy to read and have intuitive icons that are easy to understand. 

  2. Children love to experiment and tend to learn faster when they can do so. An entry-level DSLR camera will allow them to adjust exposure settings such as ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Interchangeable lenses are also a great learning tool but definitely not essential as a beginner. 

  3. When deciding on a camera for your child, take a look at the screen. It should be large, bright and have great color reproduction. It should also be easy to use both indoors and outdoors as there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to see your images clearly on the screen due to bright sunlight. 

  4. Ensure that the sensor resolution is good enough and meets your specific requirements, especially if you want to print larger size images. In most cases a 10-14 mega pixel camera is a sufficient for an entry level photographer. 

  5. As a first time photographer, your child will want to keep practicing so it’s important that you are able to extend the camera’s memory using a SD/SDHC memory card. 

  6. Next come the accessories. Your child will want to download their images from the camera onto a computer for editing so a USB cable will be an essential accessory. 

If you aren’t sure that a brand new camera is the best route to go as your child pursues their interest in photography you can also look at buying a secondhand camera instead. Ask around because many photographers may be willing to sell an older model camera. Be sure to find out about all the camera’s features and any extras that it might come with before making the purchase to ensure that it meets your specific requirements.

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Playful Prop Ideas for Your Next Family Photoshoot

Playful Prop Ideas for Your Next Family Photoshoot

If you’re not too keen on the idea of a traditional, posed family photoshoot, adding props into the mix adds an element of fun to the shoot. Props allow you to be playful during the photoshoot as the photographer captures genuine moments between you and your loved ones.

Below are some prop ideas for your next family photo session. 

  • Get your noses in some books. Love reading? Have each of your family members bring along their favorite book that can be incorporated into some of the shots. Lay on a blanket reading or have each one of your family members peep over the edge of their book. 

  • Use the holidays. Christmas is a great time for your next photoshoot and there are so many options when it comes to choosing props. Have each family member wear a Christmas hat or wrap yourselves in Christmas lights for a warm and bright effect.


  • Bring out the chalkboards. Write a date or message on chalkboards of various sizes to incorporate something personalized into the shoot.

  • Get cozy. If your children are still quite young, bring a few blankets along so that you can cuddle together as a family, share a few laughs and get some great pictures.

  • Print out props. If you want to add some fun to the shoot and get your kids laughing, why not print out a few props such as mustaches, glasses, speech bubbles and hats that you can glue onto wooden sticks and use in the shoot. There are tons of free printables online so it’s a very affordable option too. 

  • Frame your faces. Get a few frames of different sizes and colors together that can be used to pose for your next family shoot. 

  • Keep it natural. If your family photos will be shot outdoors, remember that nature gives you so much to work with. Flowers, trees, grass and water all make for beautiful backdrops and add something extra special to your photos


Remember to always have fun at your photoshoot so your photographer can really capture the spirit of your family. 


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Choosing the Right Props for Your Next Photo Session Choosing the Right Props for Your Next Photo Session

Have you ever thought about adding props to your photo sessions? Props can add interest, depth and an extra flair to your pictures. Get your children to hold coordinating flowers for a spring or summer shoot. Love sports? Then use baseball bats in your next family photo to bring out your passion. Here are a few tips for ways to incorporate props in your next photo session.


  1. Avoid trends. While you might have recently seen a few photos that incorporate a specific prop, try not to use something that will not look really dated in 20 years’ time. Classic is definitely better and there are many fun options to choose from.
  2. Be realistic.It’s easy to go wild when thinking of a theme for your photo session. You should decide on one that you can actually find props for. For example, if you want to use seasonal props, try and source them in that season as they’ll be easier to find and before you decide to remake your favorite movie scene, think twice about whether you’ll be able to find suitable outfits for everyone in the photo. 
  3. Size matters.There are some larger props that work really well in photo sessions such as using your grandpa's farm tractor as a background piece. However, there are some larger props that can take away from the beauty of the photograph altogether. Make sure that your prop enhances the photo and doesn't detract from it.
  4. Make it meaningful. If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or if you have a musical instrument that you treasure, try and incorporate it into your photos. This way your pictures will have more meaning to you and your family.
  5. Use what you have. Make the current season work to your advantage by using what’s available. Leaves in the fall make for amazing props in photos and don’t cost a thing.

Remember, using props can be the perfect addition to your photos but make sure that they don’t become the main focus.


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Top 5 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier Top 5 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier

If you’re preparing for a photo session with your children, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. Children aren’t always easy to deal with, which is why the below tips will definitely come in handy before your upcoming photo session.

1. Don't make a huge deal out of it. If you're stressed out and cranky, your kids will usually pick up on it and act accordingly. Their behavior will usually be better if you are relaxed and having fun. You may have to make some compromises to keep the peace such as letting your energetic daughter's hair stay straight instead of curling it into because she won't sit still. Focus on the big picture and don't sweat the small stuff.

2. Make it fun. Let the kids have a couple “fun pictures” where they get to pick their own pose or props. You get to keep the more serious photos while they get to keep their silly photos. This way everyone wins.  If you are struggling to get your kids to sit still, turn the photo session into a game. Simon Says usually works like a charm.


3. Be prepared.  If you're going to be out for several hours, ensure that your children are well rested and have had their nap. Bringing some snacks and activities along is also a great idea. If you are having your own photos taken too then you might want to bring a babysitter or family member along to watch the kids. If you happen to be shooting in a remote location, you never know when you might need something like bug spray, tissues or a first aid kit so bring that along too.

4. Be patient. Save your sanity by trying not to control the photo session too much. Sometimes the best photos come from kids just doing their own thing. Work with your photographer and your photos will look fantastic.


5.  Have a chat. Get your children talking to both you and the photographer about topics such as school or their favorite songs. This allows them to feel more comfortable around your photographer and will also give your photographer a chance to capture a few candid and cute expressions.


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Surviving a Family Photoshoot  

How to make your next family photo session a stress free one.

Family photos are truly timeless and such a great keepsake for future generations.  Getting the family together to take those perfect portraits can turn into chaos if not approached correctly. There is usually a lot more to consider when it comes to a family photoshoot since there are members of all ages, which means that there is some extra coordination involved.


Below are some family photoshoot ideas and tips to keep you and your loved ones calm and smiling the whole way through.

  1. Timing is everything. If you have younger children involved in the shoot, try and arrange the photoshoot at a time when they would be well rested. A rested child makes for happy photos. On that note, make sure that all family members have gotten enough sleep the night before as this helps with the fun and relaxation aspects of the session.

  2. Dos and don’ts of bribery. Get your family excited about the photoshoot instead of offering a reward in return for their cooperation. This tends to lead to forced smiles and an irritated bunch of people. If you do have small children coming along it’s not a bad idea to give the photographer some bribery options in the form of toys or small food items to make those difficult moments a little easier

  3. Relinquish control. As much as you’ll want to direct your children on where to stand and how to pose, it’s best to leave that to the photographer as they know what works best. Not having this pressure will also make you feel more relaxed.

  4. It’s not just about the posing. The best photos happen when you’re having fun so joke and play with your children, hold your partner’s hand and just let the moments happen.

  5. Plan ahead. Discuss all of your requirements with your photographer beforehand so that the family photo session can just flow. Let your photographer know if you want specific pictures taken.

  6. Keep those sugar levels up. If everyone is well fed, the photoshoot will also run a lot smoother. It’s also not a bad idea to take a few snacks and some water along for those who might need it

Enjoy capturing your memories. 


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Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos

Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos 

Being outdoors in the summer sun is a great setting for some fun photos of you and your loved ones. In order to get the best results from your session, there are a few things to consider before you step in front of your photographer’s lens.


  1. Wear sunscreen. If you are going to be out in the sun for a long period of time, especially with children, sunscreen is a must. It can however also make your skin look quite shiny. If possible apply makeup that has built-in sunscreen otherwise apply some powdered concealer to spots that look especially oily. 

  2. Bring along some tissues & concealer powder. Unless it's a cool day, you're probably going to sweat. Bring along some tissues for dabbing off the sweat and your concealer powder for touch ups. 

  3. There might be bugs. Photos in the woods can be romantic and beautiful but depending on the time of day and the area you’re in, it could mean swatting away flies and mosquitos. A little bug repellent can make your photo session a lot more pleasant.

  4. Stay hydrated. Posing for pictures may not seem like hard work but in the hot sun, you don't have to move around much to be affected by the heat. Make sure you bring lots of water and other hydrating beverages, and drink up often.

  5. Apply makeup sparingly. You want that fresh, sun kissed look in your photos so don’t overdo your makeup application. 

  6. What you wear matters. Choose clothing that is comfortable and fits your body shape. Feel free to incorporate accessories such as a hat but don’t let it overwhelm the photo.

  7. Choose your time of day. Since midday can be scorching, plan your shoot early in the morning or just before the sun sets to avoid looking hot and flustered in your photos.


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Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Family Photo Session  

Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Family Photo Session

Location ideas for your next family photoshoot. 

Family photos are timeless and if you are looking to update your family portraits or take some for the first time, you might be wondering about what location to use for them. 


Here are some things to consider before choosing a location:


A family photoshoot is where you get to smile, laugh and be yourselves. If some of your family members are shy then you might not want to choose a very public spot. 


What makes your family unique? Choose a location that fits in with who you are as a family. Do you enjoy spending time in your garden or on a couch reading books? Perhaps you spend lots of time outdoors and on camping trips? Your location should speak to your personalities. 


Take each member of your family into consideration. What are their ages and needs? If you have two toddlers that might need to use a bathroom at any time, then a remote spot is probably not the best idea. 

At Home

Sometimes the best shots can be taken right at home. Get your family outside in the garden or setup your living room for a classic look and feel.

In the City

For a more modern feel to your photos you could get out in the city and take a few photos next to an interesting building or in a funky alley way. 

In Nature

If you’re looking for a calm, natural setting then choose an outdoor location. Parks and forests make for beautiful backdrops.

In Studio

If you’re looking for a more private setting where you can use props and backdrops, then a studio setting might be more for you. Studio photos will also give you the option to take more posed, structured photos.


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Creative Family Photoshoot Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Creative Family Photoshoot Ideas You’ll Want to Try

If family photos are one of your annual traditions or if you’re just looking to change up the photos that are currently hanging in your home, there are so many unique photoshoot ideas that you can use that go beyond the usual posed portraits. 


Below is some inspiration as you plan your next family photoshoot. 


If you have a beautiful location in mind, taking family photos at dusk or even at night with the stars as your backdrop, will allow you to capture your silhouettes and give you a unique family portrait to hang in your home.


Have your family stand in front of a still body of water so that you can capture your reflections instead. 


If you still have young children in the house, use your feet to create a special image that you can frame or print on canvas. The photo could be of your feet intertwined at the foot of the bed or of your feet in the sand at the beach. 


If you’re looking for something a little more creative, why not line your family members up and take a shot from the side so that you see your faces from a different angle.


This is another great option if you have a new baby or a toddler in the house. Have each parent plant a kiss on baby’s face. This photo allows you to capture the sweet innocence of your child at that age and the love you have as a family.

Dress Up

The best family photos are those that capture a genuine moment between loved ones. Have your husband and son get dressed in their Sunday best to get a shot of them fastening their ties or bowties in the mirror. Play dress up with your little girl by placing curlers in your hair and hers and get a shot of the two of you looking in the mirror.

Don’t be afraid to get creative at your next shoot. Ask us for advice or ideas if you need some extra help. 




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Tips for Beautiful Fall or Winter Photos  

There is a special kind of magic that comes with outdoor, winter photo sessions. The snow lightly falling and icicles hanging from the branches create a lovely backdrop for any photo session. Here are some tips to make your winter or fall photo sessions go smoothly.

  1. Dress warmly. You will be surprised at how often this is overlooked. Since you’ll be standing outside for a long period of time, short sleeves, thin fabrics, and open toe shoes will not be comfortable for very long. Shivering makes it hard to look happy and pose properly.
  2. Wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin should be a priority throughout the year, not just in summer. Use a good moisturizer to protect your skin from chilly winds.
  3. Watch the weather. Warmer days may seem more pleasant but melting snow can change the entire look of your backdrop. If you are looking for light snow flurries, try and keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure that you don’t end up with melting or heavy snow.
  4. Be flexible. If the weather isn't exactly what you had hoped for, see if you can still make the photo session work. If you are however scheduling this session in advance, you may just have to work with the weather on that particular day.
  5. Incorporate color. Even though fall and winter have some amazing colors to work with, why not wear a splash of color to really stand out in your photos? For example, vibrant shades of blues and greens look amazing amongst crunchy brown leaves.
  6. Plan your day. Taking your photos just after the sun rises or just before it sets will provide you with amazing lighting so try and plan your session around those times.

Take some hot tea or coffee along to make your photo session even more enjoyable and get ready for some beautiful results.



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How to Prep for a Photo Session with Your Pet

How to Prep for a Photo Session with Your Pet 

For many people, pets are furry members of the family.  It comes as no surprise that they want to include their pets in their photos. Including your pets in your photo session does require a little extra preparation but it is certainly doable.


Below are a few tips to prepare you for your photo session with your pet. 

To make this work, you will need to get your pet to sit still and behave. Pets can get very excited when new people are around so let your pet become acquainted with your photographer beforehand. Bring treats and toys that your pet enjoys so that you have something to use to grab their attention if necessary. 

Keep a leash or harness ready, just in case. Even though your pet might be well trained, it never hurts to be prepared. You may also want to arrange your poses so you can hold onto your pet securely without it looking like you are hanging on for dear life. Your photographer will help you with this.

If you know that your photo session is going to take some time, give your pets the chance to take breaks, walk around and drink water. You won’t be able to force a pet to sit still if they are thirsty or agitated. 

As a pet owner you probably know how perceptive your animals are to energy and emotions, so it’s important that you are relaxed when you get to your pet photo session. If you really want to keep your pets relaxed too, try and arrange your photo session in a place where your pet will feel most comfortable such as your garden or a park.

For the best results, try and work with a photographer that has previously worked with animals. This will help make the process of photographing your pets even more enjoyable. 


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Quick Tips for Photographing Your Kids

Quick Tips for Photographing Your Kids

How to take great photos of your children.


A parent can never take enough photos of their children but sometimes it can be difficult to get a really great shot. Below are a few quick tips that you can apply the next time you take your camera out to capture a moment with your kids.

  1. Try and stay away from asking your kids to pose. Instead, be around to capture the emotions they display in a moment. If you’re patient enough and simply enjoy the time with your children, you’ll find it much easier to capture the essence of it.

  2. Get down to their level. If you’re photographing very small children try and get down to their level to photograph them. This angle gives you a more interesting background too.

  3. Have a conversation with them. Having a conversation with your child about their favorite superhero or their best friend at school will make for lovely facial expressions. You could even have them sing along to their favorite songs for extra fun photos.

  4. Your smartphone is the perfect tool for capturing candid moments. Your children are probably very used to seeing you with your smartphone so won’t think anything of you keeping it close by. Have it ready when you’re out and about with them. You never know when they might give you the perfect shot.

  5. Use unique locations to your advantage. If you have planned a walk in the woods or a day at the beach, take advantage of your unique surroundings to capture some great pictures.

  6. Avoid midday sunlight. Lighting makes a big difference in photos so aim for early morning or evening light for outdoor shots and open windows and doors for indoor shots.



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Should You Have a Themed Photo Session?

Should You Have a Themed Photo Session? 

You have probably seen many photos that were taken at a themed photo session. Your friends’ kids got their latest pictures taken in matching Western outfits. Your aunt had a movie theme for her wedding pictures. There are countless theme ideas you can use to make your photos interesting, unique, and a reflection of your personality. 

If you are considering a themed photo session, answer the following questions discover your ideal theme: 

Is this photo session indoors or outdoors? If it's outdoors you’ll probably want to consider a theme that suits the current weather. 

What season is it? If you are looking to use a specific backdrop or seasonal prop, use Mother Nature’s current display as your theme. 


Do you love a specific historical era, such as the 50's? Or a particular TV series like Star Trek? There are so many eras and movies that you can draw inspiration from. Make a list of shows, movies & eras that you and your family love.  

Do you have specific hobbies? Perhaps you are an animal lover, a sports fan or have a passion for fashion. Make a list of your interests and your theme might just jump out at you.

Is this a major life event? Use your pregnancy announcement or your wedding as the perfect excuse for a fun photo session. Use a setting and props that speak to both you and your partner’s interests. There is also tons of inspiration on websites such as Pinterest that you can turn to for ideas

Whatever theme you decide to choose, make sure that it speaks to your personalities so that you genuinely enjoy the process. Themed photo sessions are also usually a great way to encourage children to be involved and to get them excited. 


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Unique Photo Session Ideas You’ll Love

There is nothing quite like capturing memories with your loved ones. Are you someone who enjoys taking beautiful pictures of you and your family?  Then you are probably always on the lookout for inspiration for your next photo session. Below are some unique photo ideas that you’ll love. 

  • Family history. Are you a fan of the photos that your grandparents or even great grandparents have taken? Why not replicate them yourself? All it takes is a bit of editing and you can achieve the same look and feel. 

  • First and last day of school. For the first day of school, get some fun pictures of your child getting ready. You can then do the same on the day that they graduate from high school so that you can create an amazing “before and after” picture. You can even choose to add on college photos later.

  • Generational photos. Photos are one of those items that are passed down through generations so why not create one that future family members can treasure. Take a photo with your daughter, mom and grandma to show the generations of women in your family or any other mix of family members that you want to place in a picture together.

  • Pregnancy pictures. There are many fun ways to show your progress through pregnancy and documenting it with photos is the perfect way to capture this time in your life. Years from now you’ll be able to take your child through your journey before you got to meet them and share that special moment with them. 

  • Pet portraits. If your pet is a member of your family then capturing memories with them is just as important.  There are so many great ways to take some amazing photos whether it’s outside at a park or in the comfort of your own home.

  • Save the date. Getting married in the near future? Taking a quirky couple photo where your wedding date is displayed is a lovely way to invite people to your wedding. You can do anything from writing the date on the bottom of your shoes to using chalkboards or balloons to display the date.   
  • Gender reveal. Why not make finding out the gender of your baby a fun surprise for everyone by turning it into a fun photo that you can send around. Some cute ideas include releasing pink or blue balloons out of a box or you could incorporate a cute color frame to hold around your belly.


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Creative Ways to Capture the First Day of School

Cute photo ideas for parents.

The first day of school is such a milestone for any parent and a day that should be captured, not only for yourself and the grandparents but especially for your kids too.

Below are some really cute, out-of-the-box ideas that you can use to make your child’s first day of school photos memorable and unique.

  1. Get a shot of the outfit. You’ve spent the time choosing the perfect outfit for this day so why not hang it up somewhere and get a shot of it before they get dressed? Lay the outfit out on your child’s bed and take a shot from above or place it on a cute hanger and hang it against the door. 

  2. Use a blackboard. Incorporate a cute blackboard with a frame into the photos. Fill the blackboard with facts such as the date, their age or even what they want to be when they grow up. Easels also work really well for this and will give you more space to be creative. Get your child to draw themselves on their first day of school and include this in your photo. 

  3. Show their progress. While taking a picture on the first day of school is a must, make a point of taking a photo on the last day of the school year too. You’ll be amazed at how much your child has changed when you compare the two photos. Another cute idea is to get your kid to pose with their first day of school photo from the previous year to show their progress.

By having fun and making this moment a big deal for your children, you will instill confidence in them and prepare them for the day and year ahead.


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Baby Jemesias on the way Baby number one is always exciting! Right? I mean everything from belly casting, name picking, putting together the baby’s room, planning a baby shower and to scheduling for a maternity photoshoot. Everything about it is fun except for the morning sickness and of course waiting for the baby to finally arrive, as mom to be; Chasity shared with me.   


Jemesias is the beloved name that the parents chose for their baby boy. This smooth name sprung with inspiration from Dad’s father who was once a pastor. He will be entering this world to two strong loving parents. Both parents are Bronx natives and live in The Bronx together, and has set a goal to remain in New York as their family continues to grow. Both parents share similarities of having family who are from Puerto Rico, mixed with another caribbean island; Dominican Republic.

As inspirational figures, being parents and raising a family is not the only thing on their list. Mom shares a passion with her dream in becoming a successful nurse, joining the fight in wellness. Her main goal is to go back to school and continue her path to her dream. On the other hand, dad is hardworking but what sets him apart from others is his dream of becoming a professional boxer. With some experiences from the “BX Fight Club”, dad has his eye on his dream that awaits him. Both share a tremendous amount of love and also a mutual agreement with their dreams.  


A message to baby boy Jemesias:

There is absolutely no pressure with what you want to pursue in. More than anything, Mom and dad wants you to be free to choose anything that you want to do. Of course, dad will love for you to follow his steps into boxing! But anything you like will do and both, mom and dad will be by your side cheering you on. 


For those who are first time parents, who are creating memories and stories for their first born. For those who were once first time parents before and can look back at their memories and stories with their first born. Many of us take this ability for granted, these are memorable moments that keep for the rest of our lives.  Which is why, memories like your first maternity photoshoot is priceless.


Be Strong, Be Loving and Be You!  




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Cake Smash I think cake smashes are amazing.

  ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0138e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0138e

If you’ve never heard of a cake smash, you’re not alone.  it’s a fairly new tradition of basically letting letting your one-year-old go crazy with a giant cake while someone  photographs it happening. Traditionally, it’s also baby’s first taste of sugar.   Although there’s really no age limit to it, the cake smash has become something of an American rite of passage to commemorate baby’s first birthday. For this special event,  you need a special cake, a smash cake.  It’s usually vanilla, and specifically designed for baby to dig into. Your local baker knows all about it.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0529e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0529e


I admit, when I first heard about this, I thought it was a little funny, right?  I mean, we didn’t grow up doing this cake smash thing, and my thoughts were basically:  Look you’re gonna buy a whole separate cake for a kid to smash it.. are you kidding me?

But when I started doing smash cake photo sessions,  I changed my tune. It’s not just about plopping the baby in front of a cake,  “here ya go, kid-- dig in while I snap some pics for mom and dad”.  (Because frankly, you can do that at home with a much smaller cake, for free.)  

Every session is unique to each child. There are stages to the whole cash smash event. It’s a special occasion and here’s a theme around it.  The stage is set with the theme-matching cake.  Then there is the approach. It is so much fun because there’s a whole anticipation around it, and it’s so much fun to watch and capture what unfolds.  There are those moments of “what’s this stuff on my fingers”, the hand squeeze, and those faces of  “SUGAR!” As a photographer, I get to capture these unique firsts, and take part in the experience.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0571e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0571e ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0580e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0580e















And I gotta be honest with you, it’s not so much about the baby. It’s more about us, the parents, anticipating this smash to go so crazy.  But there’s no telling how baby will react. Some babies hate getting their hands dirty, and there’s a whole sequence of reactions around that.  Some are fascinated by the textures but it never occurs to them to eat it.  And, hey, sometimes you get some duds.  But sometimes you get these kids who dig in with both hands, and next thing you know they’re sticking their face in the cake.  And it get to be such a fun experience for everyone.

So at the end of the day I think that cake smash is a really cool thing.  I think parents should do it, not just because I’m a photographer but because it’s become a new tradition, born right here in the USA, and gaining popularity all over the world.   And it’s kind of a great, cool memory to have captured at that age, both for you and for baby.  Besides, at one year old, you don’t remember these things anyway, so you might as well make it fun, not just for the baby for us, the parents as well.


©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0637e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0637e

Be sweet. Be fun. Be smashing.


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3D Imaging Services Part #2 Evelyn's Angle - 3D Imaging Services

Let me be the first to publicly put this into consideration; Ultrasound Technologist’s have a deeper and more complex purpose than most know. Having the opportunity to get to know Evelyn and how serious she takes her career opened my mind to this profession more than I ever would have otherwise. First off this seriously needs to be addressed first off; the profession’s title is NOT technician, it is in fact “Technologist”, there is a huge difference and knowing this makes all the difference in the safety and care you have for your unborn child. Everything I’ve learned from Evelyn regarding the journey of maternity through Ultrasounds; the benefits, the risks, and the experience is the reason why we’ve put together our 3 different angled blogs for those who want a glimpse into what they can experience themselves. This is Evelyn’s angle….

Evelyn©Richard Rosario Photography


A strong and driven girl born and raised in Richmond Hill of Queens, NY, and with a Guatemalan background, nothing was going to stand in her way towards any path she treads. I could tell this before even getting to know her, I mean the way she carries herself in her posture and her body language.  You could tell this is a woman who always knows what she wants without any doubts. Honestly, it’s rare to come across women that are just naturally this way. But it wasn’t a surprise to find out why. Evelyn, the youngest of 4 children, was raised by a single mother with strong work ethics and understood the importance of education. Her mother’s efforts really made a huge impact on Evelyn and her siblings. Evelyn’s siblings are all successful in one way or another and her background instilled in Evelyn enough to carry those traits on to her own kids. Evelyn and her husband Joseph, a best friend and business partner of 23 years, have 2 children.  The children are following in their parents footsteps by setting their own stakes.  Angel is 21 years old, a Sergeant in the Army and 15 year old ROTC participant.   Christopher is studying medicine to be a Doctor.  With a family tree of this caliber, it’s no wonder her career is her world.


Evelyn's BoysEvelyn's Boys


As for her time, blood, sweat and tears she’s put into “3D Imaging Services” since its grand opening in 2004; it goes far beyond just the basics of what the career demands. As the first latina to open an ultrasound office in all of NY, she couldn’t stop there, she took it even further, obtaining all licenses in modalities of ultrasound technologists above the basic requirements to ensure she gives every client of hers more than just a cute picture to take home. Evelyn and her team are all above basic qualifications to ensure the safety as a second opinion on how your unborn child’s medical well being is. She has diagnosed risks that could of been detrimental to fetuses had it not been caught by her in numerous occasions.

As a client of 3D Imaging Services, you and your unborn child are also patients receiving the utmost care from not just Ultrasound Technologist’s but radiologist that also look at your scans in the efforts of ensure nothing is missed that can be harmful to the baby, the only ultrasound office in NY that is licensed to do so. This business has done so well they have received a people’s choice award for the “Red Tricycle” and is currently going international with their fourth location set to open overseas. If that’s not the type of services an expecting mom would prefer then I don’t know what else would be better. This family owned and operated business is the type of business I can definitely vouch for and collaborate with the same morals and aspects in ourselves and our clients. With that said, don’t forget…





Be Ambitious, Be Confident, Be YOU!


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Boudoir Session I’ve got a question for you:  What would it take for you to do a boudoir photo shoot?  Whoa, that’s a loaded question!   

Most of the women who come to me for a boudoir shoot tend to be in their early 30’s.  Some are in their late 20’s.  They feel beautiful, and “in their prime” and  want to capture these years “before it all goes downhill”, so to speak.  But what about women in their 40’s?  

Maybe you hear “boudoir session” and think “Hell yes! Point me to the boudoir!” or “I would totally do this for my man!”  But on the whole, you’re not that quick to jump in.  Maybe you want to try it, but you have some questions or conditions.  

Some of those concerns might be:

“It would take an army of makeup artists and a kick-ass photographer, you know like what they did for Catelyn Jenner.”

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - # _MG_2066-e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - # _MG_2066-e

“It would have to be my own expression of my sexiness, as a woman, not an object, and I'd want to choose what I wear and how I pose.”

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_7803©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_7803

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - untitled-691ee©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - untitled-691ee

“I would do it the condition that I got to approve the pictures.  My idea of me looking nice is often the opposite to someone else’s idea.”

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0327e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0327e ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0193e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0193e

A lot of times, I might even say most of the time, the doubt comes from self-image.  “I feel overweight and uncomfortable with my body, especially around my midriff, since having my baby.”

Overcoming all of that head chatter takes courage.  I get it.  

Okay, let’s make it clear that “it all going downhill” is completely subjective.  In fact, I don’t believe it.  I’m certainly not inside a woman’s mind, but I can also certainly say that from MY perspective, I always want to say to women “you’re beautiful as you are today.  Not tomorrow, not yesterday, You’re beautiful today. And we should capture the way you look and feel TODAY.

And I’m not the only one who thinks that.  You know, your children, they don’t see those extra little rolls or anything that you may dislike from your own body.  They see Mom.  They see Mom the way you are and they love you the way you are.

From the spouses’ perspective, they love you for who are, and they’re soooooo freakin’ happy that you did this. They already think you’re beautiful and this is just another expression of your love, for their eyes only.  And normally they are ecstatic that you had the courage to do this and to give them these pictures and to capture your beauty as you are. They really REALLY enjoy this a lot more than you would imagine. Certainly a dose of adrenaline when a spouse gets to see those pictures.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0393e-2©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0393e-2
















But ultimately, if you’re thinking of doing it, you’re doing it for YOU.  Even if you plan to give the pictures to your spouse.   It's empowering to appreciate your own body and in the right light, the right  setting, the right clothes.  You’re fabulous TODAY...why not show what you got!

Be bold.   Be beautiful.  Be you.


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Backstage Pass - Richard Rosario Photographs Maternity & Newborns 3D Imaging From 3 Different Angles Series

Every business and every entrepreneur knows the basic 101 rule of business is to first know your business message and image in order to know your target audience. Our message comes from our passion and personal goals. For me it goes without saying; if you’ve worked with me, know me, or have been following my blogs, you know my business is my passion and my passion is in captured life moments. 

Group of Women PhotographRichard Rosario Photography - Women In BusinessPowerful Women Group

Early last year, I was asked to put to together a “Women in Business” Expo photoshoot in honor of supporting not only the local businesses of Throggs Neck, but also in support of all hard working woman business owners everywhere. You can read all about it in a past blog written on the event back in March 2016. I was able to meet some very strong and captivating women and one of those women was the owner of “3D Imaging Services”, Mrs. Evelyn. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend and business woman at the photoshoot; Shaina Albizu, owner of “Shaina’s Spa & Makeup” shop. I mean, it was a business match made in heaven, with her maternity 3D Imaging Services & my photography primarily focused on women, it would be a shame to not work together in some way...and that’s where it all began. 

Maternity Long Red CordMaternity Long Red Cord

Evelyn said she had seen my work and loved my maternity photographs.  During our conversation, she asked since she was refreshing her offices, if  would be willing to help her office decor with my work as the wall art for all 3 of her locations; Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. I was super excited and honored to have this very successful business woman who owns 3 offices spread throughout 3 different boroughs for over a decade overseeing up to 300 clients weekly, asking me for my work..... Man, I was more than honored to be asked and was thrilled at the thought of it. 

I was so touched by Evelyn’s request that I wanted to give her and her clients something in return; an added bonus of my services with a pregnancy photoshoot discount card to go in 3D Imaging Services packages that are hand given to her clients. Us working together in synergy had opened up a whole new venture of clientele for me; pregnancy and newborn photoshoots. I couldn’t be more excited for the experience. Taking on this new business path was something to definitely make a big deal about, not just for myself but for this incredible business that serve the same client base. Everyday Moms.

I knew I had to put this into my blogs, not just One blog but a Three Blog Series (one a month), from 3 Different perspectives;  First: Our Start, Second: A bit about Evelyn, & Third: The clients’ experiences. For me, this is an added treat of what I already do but now I get to put together that missing necessary piece; captured moments progressing from the very beginning onward. Photographing baby bumps in a classic and elegant way yet with a pinch of "Sassy" is what i do best.   Now photographing newborns has its own skillset with setting the scene not only in props, but in how they are placed and that’s usually best done while they are sleeping.  There is a whole new world that I am beginning to explore and further building a team to help in this so very precious babies.

A Lifetime, A Legacy VideoA Lifetime of Photos

With this new business venture, I am putting together a “Lifeplan” package as a new choice in services to set up a growing timeline of a life starting from pregnancy, to infant, toddler, young child, and adolescence that can be paid through installments as the years pass. What a way to see your life flash right before your eyes, hah, pun intended.   I want to capture your life legacy and preserve it for generations to come.... Until then, remember to…

Be Nurturing, Be Caring, Be YOU!


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Gratitude Video for 2016 It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?   We’ve been through a lot together in 2016.  We’ve lost beloved icons.   Our election year took us all on a wild roller coaster ride.  At times, the entire planet seemed to be in turmoil.  But there were things to celebrate, too.  The Chicago Cubs won the World Series, the USA Olympic Team brought home the gold, West Africa became Ebola-free and the Americas became measles free.  

Ebola-free and Measles-free are pretty big deals, right?  But I’ll bet most of you didn’t even know about it. I didn’t, until I looked up “Good things that happened in 2016”.  That’s because it’s way too easy to focus on the negative, especially when the good things around you are constant and steadfast.

That’s one of the reasons I’m continuing the tradition I started last year of making my end-of-the-year post one of gratitude.  There is so much to be grateful for, and it’s so easy to lose sight of that.   

©Richard Rosario Photography ©Richard Rosario StudioPhoto of Richard Rosario in a Photo Studio setup and ready to create

So what am I grateful for this year?  I must admit, it’s not much different than what I was thankful for last year, and that’s a wonderful thing. When I really started thinking about it, even though I am grateful for many of the same things as last year, there are different aspects that come into sharper focus.   Gratitude isn’t merely checking off a list of things in your life and saying “yeah, I’m happy about that.”  It’s what’s behind that “happy” that makes it important.  

Like, “I’m grateful for my loving, supportive wife”.  Check!  That hasn’t changed since last year, (thank you, Love!)  What does that really mean to me, in my life? It means that her acceptance of who I am allows me to do what I love doing for a living.   She could’ve said, “yeah, that’s nice Rich, but we have two kids, so maybe just take pictures on the weekends as a hobby and stick with the lucrative computer thing”  But she didn’t.  She not only let me, but encouraged me to follow my dreams and my passion.  There is a lot of behind the scenes support, and I am very grateful for that.

©Richard Rosario Studio©Richard Rosario StudioRichard Rosario Photography studio and kids playing

Also on my gratitude list  is “I get to do what I love for a living.”  Nice, right?  Check!  But what I am truly grateful for is that I was actually able to follow that  through. I am grateful that I have the capability, and the courage to follow my dream.  It’s hard to take that leap, and I did it.  

I am grateful that I live in the Good Ole US of A.  Check!  What that means for me is that I CAN do what I’m doing and follow my dreams.  That’s not an option  everywhere in the world.  This great country of ours allows dreams to happen and I am grateful to make this our home.    

And as ever, I grateful for my parents.  At this age, you realize that they won’t be around forever and I’m glad to have them with me, especially my father, who isn’t doing too well these days. So what I am truly grateful for this year is that I still have them around.  I can call them today and wish them a Happy 57th wedding anniversary yesterday.    

Who can forget my magnanimous clients?  (had to find a big word for you guys, cause you mean everything to me)  There are so many of you for 2016, that I am sure I may have left some off of this super fast paced “recap slideshow video”.


Video 2016 Recap of GratitudeGratitude video recap 2016 of Richard Rosario Photography


I’ll carry this gratitude into the 2017, where it will evolve yet again.  What are you truly grateful for?  Comon’ tell me right here in the comments below...

Be Grateful, Be Thankful. Be Thoughtful.


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Volunteering Anyone who knows me knows that I am sucker for volunteering and jumping in to help.   Around the holidays I tend to do many free photo events because I feel that a picture transcends time.  As years pass, a photo becomes a treasured source of reflection on special moments and the good ole days.  That one day of volunteering my services can bring someone a lifetime of happy memories, and can even be passed down for generations.   


At the end of the day, although we don’t like to talk about it,  there is a certain selfishness about it.  A lot of us are uncomfortable with the idea that you can enjoy benefits from volunteering.  

But here’s nothing wrong with getting a kick out of doing good!  I love the dose of deep joy I get when I give.  There are several aspects of giving that I enjoy.  Some perks of volunteering have absolutely nothing to do with emotional rewards.   Free photo events give me an opportunity to connect with other local businesses.   That might not have been my motivating reason for participating, but it sure is nice to earn  some recognition while doing something I love. And I get to meet some cool people to boot!

Lehman HS - Tree Lighting Volunteers©Richard Rosario Photography - Lehman HS - Tree Lighting Volunteers

2015 - Lehman HS - Tree Lighting Volunteer Students

©Richard Rosario Photography - TNMA - Tree Lighting Group©Richard Rosario Photography - TNMA

2016 - Lehman HS - Tree Lighting Volunteer​​​​​​ Students


And you know what?  There’s nothing wrong with that either.  Admitting it makes some of us a little squirmish.  But what about, instead of seeing volunteering as charity, we think of it as a gift exchange.  You get an awesome picture of your kid with Santa, and I get to go home feeling  joyful. Or I get a referral.  It’s win-win.

If you think about it, this kind of exchange happens all the time in our everyday lives. Maybe you helped out with the school bake sale and earlier that day, someone tutored your child in math.   Or you offered to speak at an event and someone helped you pick out material for your speech.  

When we think about it that way, it’s easier to be honest about why we volunteer.  The initial reason doesn’t even have to be giving-focused.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0548©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0548


©Richard Rosario Photography - Throggs Neck Merchant Association - Tree Lighting©Richard Rosario Photography - TNMA - Santa Claus


Do you want to check something off your bucket list?  Volunteer at a film festival or a charity gala and you might get to walk the red carpet, or at least take a selfie on it.  (Although as a photographer I would normally tell you to "Just Say No” to Selfies, red carpet events are on the list of exceptions)  Or it could be something less glamorous: I have a friend whose fantasy job was to be a professional gift wrapper at Macy’s.  That never happened, but it did motivate her to volunteer wrapping presents for charities that deliver gifts to children at Christmas.  

But why stop at one?  You can volunteer at different places for different reasons.  Donating my time and talents with our local Throggs Neck Merchant Association gives me a tremendous sense of pride in my neighborhood while making a positive impact in the lives of my neighbors.  

We all have a certain selfishness that probably comes from our "survival” gene. It also allows us to stop and enjoy that feel-good moment.  It keeps us connected, and we are, after all, social beings.    So why not enjoy it?


Be generous.  Be selfish.   Be happy.   


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Brew + Santa + Free Pictures = Toy Drive Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon taking free pictures with Santa at Brew Coffee House as part of their holiday toy drive.  Brew Coffee House is a cozy spot serving a wonderful selection of baked goods and the best local warm coffee drinks. The people are friendly and when they go they stay for a while, making it a perfect place for cold days like today.  I am in the "Chai Tea and the pistachio muffin" stage right now, as I work my way around the menu listings ...again.  Love their stuff.  Not to mention Liz and Nikki the amazing owners who I adore.  You have to visit them right here in Phillip Ave, Throggs Neck, Bronx. Facebook Page Right Here

Brew Coffee House-0152Brew Coffee House-0152

It was a great event and you must attend next year.  However, if you missed us and you still plan on taking Santa pictures this season,  here are some tips for a merry Santa photo session:

Timing is everything.  Don’t schedule your Santa session during your child’s nap time. You want your child refreshed and happy! You also don’t want a cranky, hungry child, so bring snacks.   

Don’t make it a surprise.   Particularly if this is the child’s first time, don’t just spring it up on them.  Talk about it at home.  Get here a little early, and hang back so that your child can get used to the idea.  If there’s a line, even better.  This way your child will get to see other kids with Santa.

Dress for the photo.  That cute outfit might clash with Santa or the Christmas decor.  You can make picking out special clothes part of the fun and preparation.  Also, consider that your child might not feel comfortable unless you’re in the picture.  Dress for the occasion, too!

Be flexible.  Your child may not want to smile or even look at the camera and that’s okay!  You can have an adorable picture with your child looking up at Santa, or even pouting.  Some kids don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap; let them stand. Go with the flow. It will make for a much more pleasant experience and a memorable picture.

How is this for flexible....(yes, baby was not feeling well and did a Facetime picture)

Brew Coffee House-0136Brew Coffee House-0136



Bring a prop.  A big, hardcover book can be a wonderful distraction and can make for a lovely photo.  Give it to Santa and have him read to your child (or pretend to).  Even if your child only looks at the book for a second, that might be just long enough for the picture.  A favorite toy might also do the trick.  And, if all else fails, a swirly lollipop or a candy cane can work the magic of sugar on your child’s mood.

Bring someone to help you.  So you’ve got props, food, and everything else that comes with a child-centered outing in the winter.  You might find yourself running back and forth into the shot.  Bring someone along to lend a hand, hold your purse, watch the stroller, or whatever else you might need.  

Be positive and supportive!  If you’re upset or annoyed (no judgement!) don’t give into it, at least not until after the picture.  Don’t trash talk the elves or make snarky comments about how skinny Santa is.   Even if you’re not vocalizing it, children are extremely instinctive and if they sense that you’re not happy, they’ll be less likely to sit happily on Santa’s lap.  I did it....

Brew Coffee House-0178Brew Coffee House-0178

Try Again.   Maybe you really can’t tolerate a skinny Santa. Or you need a lunch break.  Or it’s just not happening. Try later, or even another day, or another venue. There is no shortage of events or Santas this time of year.

Get yourself a treat.  You deserve it!   If you brought a helper along, treat them too.  If you do, they might just volunteer for next year.  (And YES, I suggest the Chai Tea and the Pistachio Muffin Combo)

....Be Merry,  Be Jolly,  Be Warm



[email protected] (Richard Rosario Photography) #Rosariophoto Best Portrait Studio Best Throggs Neck Photographer Brew Coffee House Bronx Photographer Bronx Photography Studio Family Pictures Richard Rosario Photography Thu, 15 Dec 2016 16:31:17 GMT
Photographing Christmas Lights It’s Christmas season and time for presents, and the hustle and bustle that goes with finding them, carolers and music piping through all the stores and the ever-beloved Christmas Portrait.  This is one of the best times of the year to get everyone together for that family portrait and its always great to try to show off your decorations and lights to all your friends and family.  The problem is, it’s been hard for you to get good pictures with the lights in the picture.  How do you do that properly?  Here are some of my best ideas that I will share with you to get that professional look to all your Christmas photographs.

I may go a bit more technical here that you expect, but this info is important if you really want to get the lights just right.

First I just want to make it clear that you can take pictures indoors or outdoors at Christmas and get that look you’re searching for. You don’t need to be saddled with a photograph in front of your fireplace.  Therefore, I’ll give you some clues on what is best for both indoor and outdoor photography with your Christmas lights.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Blog _MG_0303e©Richard Rosario Photography_Blog _MG_0303e

Of course, everyone’s favorite is in front of the Christmas tree.  The best pictures will be taken using a tripod.  Your hand, no matter how steady you think it may be, will quiver a little and blur the shot. The tripod will steady your shot and give you the clearest result. We should also ditch the flash and leave the room lights on.  If you turn off all your main lights and use a flash you will not only blind your family members momentarily but you will also wash out the lights on the trees so everything will be blurred.  Also, if you keep with the flash or keep all the lights off but those on the tree you could end up with parts of your photograph under and overexposed.  The best way to photograph with the Christmas tree is to have it about six feet away from the family. Now decide if you want to purposely blur the tree as in the photograph in this article or if you want the lights crisp and clear.  To blur you will want a large aperture, which would be the smallest F-stop numbers on your camera. Next you will want to be close to your subject (the family). If you don’t want to blur the tree as seen here, then you will need a different setting. For crystal clear lights on the tree and for the family I usually walk a little away from the family (subject) and choose a smaller aperture, which will be the larger F-stop numbers on the camera.The same formulas can be used for any background you choose indoors.

If you are insistent about using a flash because you’re hesitant about what I’ve told you about not using a flash you will actually need to go a little towards a professional photographer’s toolkit to make it happen.  The best way to use a flash for the Christmas light photography is to use an umbrella with an external flash.  There isn’t a way for a flash that is included with your camera to get clear and crisp shots. Take off the Auto ISO and input 100 or 200.  Use between f/2.0 and f/2.8 for your aperture setting and use a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second. These settings should work the best for you.  Either way, focus on your subject (family), then concentrate on the tree surrounding them.  It is possible to have everything in focus. ©Richard Rosario Photography_Blog IMG_0258e©Richard Rosario Photography_Blog IMG_0258e

For outdoor photography you want to try at dusk or dawn for the best natural lighting. In this case, you will want to have the exposure set for your Christmas lights and not the natural light surrounding you and your subjects. The white balance on the camera should be set for “incandescent” or “Tungsten” and still use a tripod and still stay away from the flash.  You will work with the aperture settings as I have previously mentioned.  I’d say start at maybe f/8 and slow your shutter speed if necessary. The longer the exposure the more awesome your photograph will be.

I never use automatic settings of any kind on a camera.  That’s my final and most important pointer that I can give you. Be Merry, Be Bright, Be with Family...


P.S.  I am back to blogging....

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Mother's Day Winner_2016 Mother’s Day Winner… Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano

Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano,  ©Richard Rosario Photography"Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano"News 12 Executive Producer, "Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano"

Every year I do a Mother’s Day contest and giveaway a free full photoshoot experience to a lucky contestant to have a day to themselves they deserve as a mother and just because. This year the randomly chosen winner was News 12’s very own Executive Producer Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano who also contributes her writing talent to local blogs like "" and "".

During every session I always want to learn more about my clients so, I begin to get to know Melissa and get a real feel of what makes up who she is. She begins to explain to me how she’s never had a photoshoot before and how she’s not one to be in front of the camera but loves to be behind it, no wonder she’s great at what she does as and executive producer of our local news. First off, Melissa is a family woman before all else. She adores her family and I can tell this right away in the photoshoot. It was this natural - nurturer way about her. Melissa is a wife, daughter, sister, Executive Producer, an achiever, go-getter, but most of all…She is a mom. She begins to tell us about her family, how they are very close knit with family vacations, yearly reunions, calls every day, love for amusement parks and anything Disney - type of a family.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano"Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano""Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano" Executive Producer of News 12

As my hairstylist is working his magic, she continues on to tell us about herself and one of the very first things she says was “It was always my calling to be a mom”. She knew it was what she was placed on this earth to become, a great mom, and she nailed it. Even though her little ones didn’t know it at the time, she was there getting pampered on her special day all the while talking all about them. Yep, even when moms are tending to themselves, they still have their kids in mind. She has two boys; Jamie who’s 7yrs old and Jayden who’s 6yrs old. I also know the life of having two little boys close in age; it’s a true love hate relationship between them. Hah.

©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario PhotographyBoys Jamie and Jayden

So we had Melissa all set up with her hair done by our hairstylist Luis and her makeup done by SMA’s Natalia. While finishing up her photoshoot ready look; in this clear attempt, despite how incredibly difficult it was to do so, to makes sure she doesn’t forget to mention one of the most important people of her life; her father. Soon as she begins, her words pulled me right in over some background music, a loud hair blow dryer and chatter amongst the team wrapping up their work….That the hardest moment she’s ever faced was witnessing from the CBS Newsroom, her father pass on 9/11 as an employee from the 87th floor of the second tower... his name was William Valcarcel.

She spoke this image of this happy, funny guy who loved everybody and always saw a silver lining in everything, even when he made fire safety of his floor at work, because of him being in a wheelchair. Instantly I thought “oh, so that’s where she gets it from”. The way she spoke about her family and her passion in what she does with so much love, you could tell came from her family but most of all from her father...  That alone is something to admire and celebrate.

With this blog; I’d like to show my respects to Mr. William Valcarcel for being the great family man he’s remembered as and a huge thank you to Melissa for the opportunity to do what I love for the very reason I love to do it….

In celebrating our moments in life to cherish forever, so remember….

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0545e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0545e

Be Loving, Be Blessed, Be YOU!


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The Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx Baron Ambrosia invites you in…

Baron Ambrosia in an Orange Suit with his two Pugs.Baron Ambrosia with his Pugs - ©Richard Rosario PhotographyBaron Ambrosia - The Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx, photographed by Richard Rosario Photography, while he is sitting on the stairs with his two Beautiful Pugs.

Pulling up onto his street, I see lines of houses with a elegant Victorian Style, circa late 1800’s welcome appeal, you know the kind of neighborhood that causes cars to slow down and take in the scenery, so that's exactly what we did.

When I have photo shoots at my studio, I do the usual routine of taking the steps to make sure I put together a set that fits and mingles with the client. I adjust the lighting, double check my camera lens and setup the equipment to make it happen. I continue to choose a background setting that really shows who the client is, their personal image that speaks their thousand words message… I see the photos before they become photos.

I park in front of this Victorian built home with this wood siding floor-to-ceiling sized door that's hard to miss. Man, I knew going in that my usual photoshoot routine was going to require some serious adjustments.

We meet  outside with friend and founder of “The Alchemist – Eat NYC Food and Wine” Magazine @eatnycfoodandwine, Executive Chef John Denizard. Baron Ambrosia invites us all right into the foyer entrance of his home & come across two curious cute pug dogs and it reminds me of an old-house museum so already my photographer senses are tingling at the many ways I can go about this.

Baron Ambrosia mixing a drink at his barBaron Ambrosia mixing a drink - ©Richard Rosario PhotographyBaron Ambrosia - The Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx, photographed by Richard Rosario Photography, while he is hovering over his drink filled with smoke.

I  set up the equipment after it's carried in from the car and we are already into mid conversation on how he envisions his look to go and what his journey has been like. I take in who I see in front of me as I look around at  the complex ornaments filling the rooms as his collected treasures from his travels around the world. Yes, I'm definitely in awe but you know I gotta keep my cool... For the fog images, we had a classic fog machine, but I wanted to keep the fog from spreading upwards like a traditional machine would do, so I "MacGyvered", a tube with some dry ice inside to cool the smoke as it came out. Hey, there's art to making an image happen you know. To get a real dramatic feel, I added some lit candles on the desk in his office and dim lighting. You wouldn't believe the things this room was made up of. First off, the windows were draped with heavy thick curtains that made a great lighting addition and the walls were royal purple, textured with velvety floral patterns holding up an Anthropoid coffin in one corner and a NY Emmy Award in the other, yes you heard me right. Need I say more?


Baron Ambrosia sitting on desk with candles and smokeBaron Ambrosia sitting on desk ©Richard Rosario PhotographyThe Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx, Baron Ambrosia photographed by Richard Rosario Photography, while he is sitting on his desk filled with smoke and candles.

We start in his sitting room lined with jungle green fleurs-de-lis patterned wallpaper you wouldn't see in your average everyday home yet my eyes go straight to the props that will accent his wardrobe. Barron got this long Indian Sherwani on giving this dignified confident look  with his wild eyes and styled hair to bring it all in. In the back corner sat a pianola, yes, I got to see it in action and it was so cool. In the center of the room laid out an actual bed of nails, apparently it's a tool used in ancient times to heal the mind and body but at the present time, I was anxious. The embalmed  animal used as an old smoking pipe didn't help to ease me up but it sure made use sitting next to a rotary phone set up  behind him as he postured himself into a Victorian upholstered armchair for one of his images.

Baron Ambrosia Walking in Smoke towards his bed of nailsBaron Ambrosia Walking in Smoke - ©Richard Rosario PhotographyBaron Ambrosia - The Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx, photographed by Richard Rosario Photography, while he was walking through a floor covered with smoke towards his bed of nails.

This house couldn't have been any more perfectly complex for the Baron Ambrosia look. The inspiration behind the images came from his personality laid out in his personally styled interior designed decor. “Baron Ambrosia” was in one of the many pieces like the random meat cleaver sitting around or the  preserved  bear claw jarred atop of his liquor bar as great conversation pieces to our random afternoon Tree Bark-sap infused glass of homemade wine/beer.. you know just a casual day in the life of the Culinary Ambassador. I Loved this entire session so much, because at the end of the day, It's photo shoots like these that remind me…


Baron Ambrosia Sitting on a Bed of Nails while the floor is smoked filledBaron Ambrosia On a Bed Of Nails - ©Richard Rosario PhotographyBaron Ambrosia - The Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx, photographed by Richard Rosario Photography, while he was sitting on a bed of nails.

It all begins in the pieces that make up who we are as different individuals that are placed together in such a way it makes us unique so don't forget;

Be Creative, Be Courageous, Be YOU!


[email protected] (Richard Rosario Photography) #Rosariophoto 10465 Baron Ambrosia Best Bronx Best Portrait Studio Best Throggs Neck Photographer Bronx Photographer Bronx Photography Studio Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx Richard Rosario Photography The Culinary Ambassador of The Bronx Thu, 01 Sep 2016 11:30:26 GMT
The_Alchemist_Magazine ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0082e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0082e

About 5 months ago a great friend, Milly from said, "you should call John Denizard about a new project".  I met John before and we clicked when we met months ago.  When we finally sat down to talk, I was really honored and excited to join this project and began the journey of creating a unique magazine that has the Bronx as a main source of culinary stories and expertise.   I was commissioned to shoot the cover of the magazine, but we continued to talk and expanded on the ideas and we ended up agreeing to capture the participating chefs in their own environment.  The idea was to capture them as individual chefs in their kitchens or restaurants, each with a unique look and style.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0427e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0427e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0067-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0067-2e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0136e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0136e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0300-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0300-2e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0185-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0185-2e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0367e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0367e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0537e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0537e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0710ee©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0710ee   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0778e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0778e

This photoshoot for the cover was a memorable experience. It was an exciting hush-hush and anxious experience not just for me but even more so for John, an Executive Sous Chef whom I was fortunate enough to work with alongside his fun and down to earth humbled group of  professional Sous Chef & Executive Chef backgrounds. These chefs are backed by local Tasty Ladies Food critics associated with AFJ (Association of Food Journalists). They are sensational at what they do and are now showcasing it through publications and photography. John lead the way and knew exactly how he wanted things to go for their look which helped the flow of the shoot come along pretty nicely. This magazine is now published in an exclusive magazine called The Alchemist Food And Wine Magazine.

It is avaible for purchase here:

The cover shots were so exclusive,  that no one was allowed to post anything about it onto their social media. John has been working on something real special and has worked hard to keep it under wraps until its big debut. The energy of this photoshoot stuck with me throughout the day. They were artistic with a uniformed touch; a collection of professional artists, my type of people. I was in my element and man it made everything flow so easy that we were all in and out of there in under an hour. With a group of that size, under an hour is usually unheard of but with this group it was like a melting pot of phenomenal professionals making magic happen. The chef's hair and makeup was done by Sasheen Makeup Artistry (SMA) , Natalia Perez.  You can find further information at their website

©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0014©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs

The location of the cover photo session was held at Rosy’s Manor, an event venue for all your special occasions located at 3677 East Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY. You can check out their website for further information. Their space makes any event come to life even something that has nothing to do with balloons and hosting, such a success.

The magazine was revealed last Friday at the "Eat NYC event held at the Bronx Zoo".​

This one will definitely go in the memory bank for keepsake.

Note: that next week I will tell you about the centerfold images with Baron Ambrosia.  That session for this project was simply EPIC !!! take a look at this one below...

©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0401e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0401e

Don't forget to…

Be Colorful, Be Flavorful, Be YOU!


P.S.  Thanks John! ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0265-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0265-2e

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Mom, Model and Major Entrepreneur AKA: Brigida Saladin ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0586e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0586e Flowing Dress with Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography - Brigida

A Working Wonder Woman ...

My business is primarily wrapped around women, more so mothers than anything else. The best thing about that is getting another perspective to the variety of mothers there are. There’s the great debate on working moms vs stay at home moms; who does it better and which route works best for the kids and so forth. I guess you could say I’m that third party unbiased perspective on the matter and I’d like to think that sure, I have enough insight to have a good insight, I am after all married to the second greatest mom in the world after my own mom. Wink. Wink.


The way I see it is; if you do your best and put your all into one method or the other then there is no wrong lifestyle at the end of the day. What works for one mother may not work best for another and vice versa. For this photoshoot, I had the pleasure of taking on the working mom of all moms. Brigida Saladin is a working mother that owns not one but four daycares in the Washington Heights area. Two separate daycares within four locations; B & J Wonderland Daycare and Evolving Genius Academy.

These are not your average daycare, no these are top notch eco-friendly, organically inspired daycares that also offer indoor security surveillance allowing parents to check in on their kids from their cell phones and desktops. Her daycares are the only ones in the city that offer this awesome perk. Organic eating and cleaning supplies with daily outings and teaching curriculums. Let’s be honest, that is great service and perks.


©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0022e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0022e ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0172©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0172 ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0218e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0218e ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0113©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0113

Aside from her Monday to Friday business, she also does some modeling for companies like Rocthalook Boutique clothing line, dabbles in the stock market, and is a single mom raising two beautiful boys, a 3yr old and 9yr old. She puts 120% in all she does and expects her little one to follow suit. She has her 9yr old already reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki, how impressive is that?! It’s no surprise that Brigida can do a photoshoot with great confidence and ease. She’s done so well in our photoshoots that she’s done at least 3 with me already. The Saladin’s take school and success as serious as breathing in oxygen. So the next time you feel like you can't do it, whether you’re a stay at home mom or working ongoing hours at the office, don’t forget…

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0148ee©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0148ee

Be Determined, Be Focused, Be YOU!



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The Back Stage Pass - Shaina's Spa & Makeup This fabulosa Boss Lady has been a part of my team for a while now and has been such an amazing asset here at the Richard Rosario Photography Studio. She wakes up like this and knows it, pushing her way to the top running her very own Spa & Make Up Shop on 3637 Bruckner Blvd Bronx, NY. She specializes in; cavi-lipo, lash application, bridal and evening makeup along with microdermabrasion, air brush & permanent makeup along with teeth whitening. She's the queen of beautification, from head to toes.  She’s had experience in these beauty luxuries since she was a little girl watching her mother set the example of what she can accomplish; becoming an independent female entrepreneur. Her background makes working with her an ease, her makeup is, of course, always flawless, and her hair always flows with her makeup as a personal walking advertisement of her own work. Although Shaina is a professional in her field and we have history working together; just like almost everyone else, she still feels a little nervous at the thought of having her photo taken. Images reflect who a person is on direct first impression, so it can feel overwhelming with that pressure for perfection to portray the best version of yourself in an instant of an image and the beauty in that is professional photography is capable of making that happen, every time.

Shaina's SquaresShaina's Squares

Shaina is a single mother to two little ones while running her business alongside her mother as the Mother/Daughter Power Duo. They have been in business for about 13yrs now, making it through the roughest of our times; the recession. At this point it would almost seem as if their business is indestructible. Persistence pays off when ambition comes out of passion. Her business brings women together whom love to make other women happy in the skin they're in with a touch of that Shaina-sparkle. Her and her team of beauticians set a relaxed and welcoming presence at their shop making it a great place to get away from it all. You’re sure to leave relaxed, peaceful and confident with your refreshed look. On top of it all, she is sooo much fun to work with, not a moment goes by that we are not sharing a laugh and funny story.


Shaina is passionate in what she does and it shows in her constant effort to market her business. She puts her special touch into her technique not only for her clients but also in guiding other young aspiring makeup artists on how to take advantage of their full potential by perfecting their own skills of the craft. It’s not all about the types of brushes or brand of makeup or the lens and lighting of a photography shoot; it’s how you treat the client, it’s in ensuring they’re satisfied with how they feel before going back to taking on their busy lives. For more information on Shaina’s Spa & Makeup services; visit her site at & don’t forget…

shainasspanmakeup_480pClassic Video of Shaina's Makeup and Spa

Be Fabulous, Be Badass, Be YOU!



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TNMA Sidewalk Fair What makes a community?...The historic markings? The newsworthy events? The people? In an era where technology has pulled us away from the heart and soul of what makes us; members of the community, a close-knit strong front, is the disconnect from those authentic genuine relationships built through support and face-to-face interactions.


This past Saturday on June 4th, the Throggs Neck community came together for the Annual “Throggs Neck Sidewalk Fair” down East Tremont Avenue. The Throggs Neck Merchant Association (TNMA) put together this family friendly and festive event that was filled with fun for all ages that had bounce houses, rock walls, face painting, food, music, great laughs, and great company.



The street fair wasn't just filled with goodies for the kiddies but sweet treats for the parents as well. For example, I set up my photography booth set up for Free digital photos for families to receive through email along with other mom & pop local shops that were set up outside of their establishments handing out Free products and services to the community. I saw some old friends and made some new ones, but man it was real cool to see so many members of my community come together and support one another, it made me proud of my home, where I come from, proud of my neighbors, proud my community.


The great thing about people is the progressions we make as a whole and as individuals when we come together. We can take this small almost impossible matter and evolve it into something far greater than ourselves and that is the true beauty in what makes a community.



I love giving back to my community and as a member of the TNMA, it allows me the opportunity to do so and connect with other local businesses as well. You know, you are only as strong as the success of your surroundings, when those around you strive, it only leaves open doors and windows for you to follow suit and guide along the way. It's noted that people tend to prefer to support local merchants over big box stores, local merchants are after all apart of the communities historic markings that creates that authentic genuine atmosphere that builds those likewise relationships. So whatever neighborhood you live in or come from, support your local merchants and grow a stronger community. Don't forget….

Be supportive, Be neighborly, Be YOU!



[email protected] (Richard Rosario Photography) #Rosariophoto 10465 2015 Best Bronx Best Fine Art Photography Best Headshots Best Portrait Studio Best Throggs Neck Photographer Blog Bronx Photographer Bronx Photography Studio Family Pictures Finest Women Portraits NYC Richard Rosario Photography TLC Thu, 16 Jun 2016 16:11:18 GMT
Sos Hoy The Talented Ms. Deyanira Martinez...

I’ve worked with the Telemundo team before but this time I had the great pleasure to photograph the talented anfitrión of a segment in “Sos Hoy" ran by Indhira Baez & Jose Samboy which aires every Sunday called “Conversando con Deya”. Los congas were strumming, Marc Anthony “Aguanile” was getting us started in between laughs and talks about Deyanira’s show she hosts both in-studio and out at events and we were ready to rock & roll. She has interviewed big time celebrities like Eva Longoria at red carpet events but dreams of interviewing Marc Anthony one day as her most challenging interview according to her. 

©Richard Rosario Photography ©Richard Rosario Photography Indhira Baez

This lovely lady has such smooth confidence and elegance. This is the type of confidence I work at bringing out of some of the women that come to my studio yet she carries herself this way all the time. Deyanira is originally from Dominican Republic, she came to the United States in 1990 and studied Business Administration for a set income until she made her way on towards her passion television by first starting out at the bottom working in a publication called “Latin Trends”. She came from a little island with nothing but a dream and a strong will.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0049e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0049e

Although she grew up in the states feeling like an outcast stuck between her cultured roots and the American lifestyle; she made her way through those glass ceilings and went on to become a television reporter now working towards running her own blog with a group of women and eventually publishing her own ‘Life Coach’ book. No matter where the road takes Deyanira, her heart will always be in television and man she’s awesome at it.

©Richard Rosario Photography ©Richard Rosario Photography

I was honored to be a guest on her show; she interviewed me about photography and her experience in her session with me, guys, I was nervous. I’m just the type of guy that does all the magic behind the lens not in front of it. Even though I was a bit nervous, Deyanira made it a lot easier with her calm and comforting essence. She was on the spotlight this time and man, yeah, she rocked out this photoshoot with more beauty and elegance than I could ever try and pull off with anyone else. Her makeup artist was a good friend of mines that I’ve done photography for in the past; Berenice Bautista of Telemundo. The whole crew was there; camera man, assistants, blogger, makeup artist, hair stylist, and Ms. Deyanira. It was a full house, full of life and success. I look forward to working with Telemundo in the future, especially when they are as amazing as Ms. Martinez! Don’t forget….

Be Feliz, Be Determinado, Be Tu!


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Prom Night in the Bronx A Night to Remember...


I knew the day  was going to be a busy day. I woke up, did my usual routine with the kids with my morning cup of café con leche and went right into my zone for the afternoon prom photo shoot. When I get ready for any shoot; I automatically take some time to think of who the person is and why they are doing their session. I see the photos before I take them; their pose, the look that reflects the client, the moments that I know will create the emotion in the photo, how the lighting sets on these moments, the scenery as a whole right down to the detail.

©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography

It was a moment to capture for a lifetime for Arnaliz & her brother Felipe…it was their prom night. As they arrived with their friends and their parents; Liz & Arnaldo, I could see the glow in Liz & Arnaldo’s eyes taking in this milestone of their kids special night. We say our hellos, dot our I’s and crossed out T’s and went right in on Arnaliz and Felipe’s outfits with her flowing gown and his suit vest. They were these young kids that suddenly transformed into these young adults dressed for a ball. It was a sight to see. I could see my sons' in Felipe's suit with their dates on their arms and my wife with tears just pouring out of her. I get a glimpse of what my future will look like through this family and I'm just full of love and joy at the thought.

©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography

During the shoot they really enjoyed themselves, laughing and taking their own pics of the shoot, getting anxious to head out for the big night. So, I take some shots and give them some sneak peeks of the images as we come close to wrapping up the session and I think; man, I can't wait to edit these shots and how cool it is to be apart of this occasion with them. Ah, prom night, I think back on mines and remember it like it was yesterday but nothing takes you back like going through those Polaroids. Yeah, yeah, those were the days. Even with all the excitement of prom nights; parents and teens please don't forget to…..


Be Safe, Be Classy, Be YOU!



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A Little TLC..."Never Hurt Nobody".... The Game Changer... Total Life Changes  - Iaso Tea


I have done photography for all types of reasons. I’ve done sessions for makeup spas, head shots, professional shots, a clothing line, for both book and magazine publications and now I got the chance to do a session for a health line retail group of distributors. TLC is a health distributor line that provides “Iaso” Weight loss and Skin care products at a more affordable price range with discount savings options to get more bang for your buck with more in return than what you put in as a part of the TLC product line experience.



I met this group of franchise owners with this really cool healthy lifestyle line of products and sampled some of their products to give it a try. It’s healthy and helps me look even more guapo than I usually do, now you guys have access to get some of your own products that fits your own needs. Iaso is their signature supply for all your weight and skin care needs as part of their 15 years of experience. TLC expanded their line into the United States two years ago originating from Europe and is a big deal in Japan and even more so in Dominican Republic with all naturally organic health & wellness, skin care and makeup products. They even provide a weight loss coffee that’s full of natural caffeine. Some of their products they offer at a drastically lower price range than prescribed from a doctor.

In this photo session, they were capturing their April’s member, Remena Douglas, who went from a size 3X to a medium with a total weight loss of 47lbs. Just wow, is all I can say. Her story alone is a great transformation read. Due to her heavy weight; Remena had high cholesterol so her physician offered her all these prescribed expensive drugs full of chemicals and hormones to help her health with an endless list of side affects and instructions. Remena was not comfortable with those options and decided to give TLC a chance as a healthy alternative to his recommendations. Remena's doctor tried to persuade her to purchase the FDA affiliated drugs telling her; "You don't know what would be in those pesky dangerous pills" and you know what she said? “I don’t know whats in those prescription drugs either”. Yep, a quip whip touche' put him right in his FDA Approved place.  

Cabrini Riley set up the whole photo shoot for her and the girls; since she has experience in retail with her own business with a clothing and accessory boutique line called “Rocthalook” boutique as well as her own long history using Iaso TLC herself. I'll soon write about that whole brand on another blog post.

Hey, if you can make money for living a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same, then why not? So while you're on the market for the next best health choice with Iaso Tea... Don’t forget…

Be Healthy, Be Mindful, Be YOU!


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Surprise !! Surprise, It’s A ….

I photographed 36wk pregnant Ada B. and she is soaking in every minute of it. Ada knew she had to find a way to keep this time of her life, in a way she can go back to this time of her life she’ll always enjoy more only after it’s already passed. So, she reached out to me to book a session that won’t disappoint. Well, she plans on doing a treasured theme of before the arrival and the grand reveal right here in my studio. You already know I’m all for it.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0136©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0136

She wore this beautiful flowing cotton soft, Classical Greece time-period styled dress, making the scenery that much more timeless. This story is special because Ada took charge of her life and she takes life as it comes. Ada is in her late 30’s and chose to wait to have children to be there for family during their time in need and she was happy to do so. She is a Latina women with roots from both Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. When she became pregnant she decided just as this pregnancy was an exciting surprise for her, it would be just as if not more exciting for the sex of the baby to be a surprise too. What she does know though, is whether boy or girl, this baby is going to grow fast already weighing 8 pounds at just 36wks along.

©Richard Rosario Photography - PregnancyPregnancy

Ada talked about her baby shower with a epic theme that seemed to match her photoshoot outfit. It definitely made for an elegant, wistful theme look. She didn’t have any weird or wacky cravings like some women (my wife included) do but she did have a lot of growing pains early on. She’s also realized the smell of Canella is stronger than usual. She really embraced her session, you can tell she was really living in the moment and taking it all in. I’m happy I can make this a possibility, I get to experience this part of your journey right along with you. I can’t wait to do the follow up ‘Big Reveal/Baby’s Arrival’ photoshoot. But for now; Don’t Forget….

Be Confident, Be Kind, Be YOU!


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Tribute to Mothers “Richar, ven aca!!” I can hear those lovely words as if it’s coming from another room right now. As we all know, when your mom calls you using your first name.... nothing good can come of

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled Scan104©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled Scan104 ©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled My 8th Bday©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled My 8th Bday

My mother, man, this woman could cook up a storm while folding laundry and helping me and my brothers with our homework all at the same time. The Latina Wonder Woman of her day in age, with a utility belt that consist of a "chancleta" and "VivaPuru".... you couldn’t tell my mom nothing about the type of woman she was that she didn’t already know herself. But anyone who has met my mom for like 10 seconds, can see the sweetness pouring out of her endless smile and kind words. Not just because she is my mom (ok maybe) but I may have the sweetest mom...ever. This has to be my favorite time of year to really enjoy what I do best; bring the beauty out of women and see that look of pride and confidence change their whole demeanor about themselves.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled 4-3-2010_034©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled 4-3-2010_034 ©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0259©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0259

I’ve seen my mom go through it, with the lost of two of her sons, my brothers. I am sure some have it worse, and some have it better, but to see the tears of your own mom, are something that chokes me up, just thinking about it for ...ten seconds. It is amazing how much women and in particular mothers, have so much endless caring and deep love. It is a connection with their children that we will never truly feel as men, but can see it in your everyday actions. Now my wife and mother of our two little guys... (aka "milk vampires"). It never seems to fail how much it amazes me, how much she does every single day to help, teach, entertain, discipline, care, clean and feed our boys.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled _MG_0426e©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled _MG_0426e

So this post is a tribute to all those barrier breaking, strong, sweet, determined, bad-ass Mommas that see each obstacle as a challenge to overcome rather than a road block.  These are the types of women with handkerchiefs in their hair, fits up, screaming “We Can Do It!”. I could go back on all my childhood memories and tell you about what a cute little kid I was and how I got into trouble more times than I’d like to admit but what I appreciate about who I am as a person is the great sense of humor I feel I have; and I get it from my mom. She always loves to make anyone laugh and having a trait like that in my life and in my business is a real bonus. You can’t really capture who someone truly is without creating some type of connection with them. There’s no better way to getting to know someone than through some good laughs to ease any tension.

To my beautiful mother, the woman who dealt with this guy right here all these years, the woman who raised my brothers and I into the men we are today, a mother with a relentless drive to raise 4 boys into men. I’d like to think she did more than just an alright job, if you ask me, since I am speaking for myself and all.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled La Familia en mi Bautiso©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled La Familia en mi Bautiso ©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled Scan49©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled Scan49


Here’s to all those mothers out there..... I want to scream from the top of my lungs....... THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!  

Don’t forget to…

Be Nurturing, Be Caring, Be YOU!


P.S. As a give back and Thank you, I ask you to enter my annual giveaway for a free session....


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Mother's Day Sweepstakes 2016 We at Richard Rosario Photography Studio are going on our 2nd Annual Event. An all-inclusive ‘Mother's Day Session Sweepstakes’, winner takes all, to be announced on Mother’s Day! Free to enter, Free to win, no catch or gimmicks. This is a special treat I like to give out to all the mothers out there who never take enough time out for yourself.   Enter for your chance to cash in those aching feet and indulge in a day of pampering and capturing those precious moments. Click this link here to enter for a chance to win… and for sweepstakes details. 

Last year the two mom winners were Jasmine & Alexandra and a session was covered by Televised News 12 The Bronx, their segment gave all of you a glimpse of what we do here in the studio from hair, make-up,& nails to capturing your moment with a couple of photos to take home with you all complimentary as your reward in celebration of all mothers.  Here is the News 12 report: 

Richard Rosario on "Bronx News 12"Bronx News 12 Special Report on Richard Rosario Photography on TV

This year there will be an added bonus to 2016’s Annual Mother's Day Sweepstakes; when chosen as the winners, you will get a one-on-one personal interview to have your story and your experience recorded for our weekly blog post in your honor. It is a special day for "mom" to stop and treat yourself to a wonderful day of celebrating you and all that you do.   You are welcomed to be joined by someone else for the session.   Here are some sample of different family sessions.

As I like to say, "There is no magic in what I do, i merely see the beauty in every woman and capture those moments"  It’s just you, me, and a team of professionals with their friends and families peeking in and helping you celebrate you. No, but seriously. You deserve this, or maybe you know someone who could really use some time with her mom or her son or daughter, tell them Rich sent you and just go ahead and enter for them. You never know, right?..

Don’t wait to too long, time is ticking and Mothers Day’s is just around the corner. You can also take a look at a couple of images from last year’s winner’s session located at under the Portfolio folder marked as the “Family, Maternity, Children” section, you can also take a look at this wonderful article written by a mom who experience this first hand.

and here is a bit more about me and the giveaway sweepstakes.


Don’t forget…

Be Loving, Be Loved, Be YOU!



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Autism Rise & Shine Light on Autism Awareness!

©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0028©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0028Autism

Ever felt misunderstood, like that invisible big pink elephant in the middle of a crowded room? So many faces, so many things going on yet you can't seem to articulate these emotions and thoughts running through you? Interacting with others is not easy, the world is already a scary place, even more so when you can't process your surroundings like everyone else. This is the case with Autism on a spectrum of a variety.

I was honored a few weeks ago to get an inside look into what it's like for a family that endures the ups and downs of Autism and on all days; it was Autism Awareness day April 2nd. I did this photoshoot with the "Bello" family of 4; Francis, Mom to Maria, a 14yr old young lady with this natural beauty and humble confidence, a younger 10yr old brother named AJ who we did a previous photoshoot of as the up & coming kid model a few weeks back, and the star of the show, youngest of the crew, 4yr old Evan. ©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0103©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0103Autism

Evan was diagnosed with Autism but that's not what makes him so cool, no, he's this kid who's so smart and loving. This kid is just this small little guy at only 4yrs old who knows what he wants and what he doesn't want, he's his own little man who's funny and into Spider Man and Thomas the Tank Engine. You can see his connection and bond with his older siblings even through his autism. He may not express him self in the same way that others might but you can tell in the ways that makes him who he is, little Evan with a big heart.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0129©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0129Autism

People process differences in their own way, best way they know how and that's  just being human. What we don't understand so easily we fear which leads us to break it down into pieces to only put it together in how ever way that helps us understand. Autism is not as common in some places than others, it's researched that there are 1 in 68 children diagnosed with Autism in the U.S. according to at

It makes you think, how many people actually do know what Autism is, what's it's about and how it affects everyone differently? The way I see it in my own personal understanding is simple; someone with their own personality just like everyone else in their own unique ways. I really enjoyed getting to know Evan and the rest of the Bello family. These kids were brought up with humble leadership qualities and it's no wonder,  momma Francis is such a great role model putting herself heavily involved into each of them individually, there's no doubt that they’ll grow up successfully.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0294©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0294Autism

So take note today to celebrate who you are in all your remarkable ways and don't forget....

Be Unique, Be a Leader, Be YOU!



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Cecilia's Birthday Blog Birthday Celebrations for Cecilia Carvalho

A huge shout out to a special “Feliz Aniversário” aka: “Happy Birthday” to the girl all the way from New York to Brazil! Ms. Cecilia Carvalho is turning sweet 16 next week on April 11 2016. This young lady did a special Birthday Photoshoot session last year with us, visiting all the way from Brazil with her mom.

Her mother Raquel, brought her to New York on vacation as a different birthday gift to Cecilia.   Raquel has three beautiful daughters and Cecilia is the middle child of the brew. Every year on the girls’ birthdays, Raquel takes them for photoshoots as their Birthday treats but this year Cecilia wanted something different.

©Richard Rosario Photography - (8x10) High Res_MG_1158e©Richard Rosario Photography - (8x10) High Res_MG_1158eCecilia 2015 Mother & Daughter©Richard Rosario Photography - Cecilia & Raquel

I remember when Raquel had reached out to me and we went over the planning on how she went on about how much these photoshoots mean to her and her daughters so when Cecilia opted out on last year’s family tradition, she knew although it was her choice, Cecilia would miss it. As a surprise, we made it extra special for her and had these sweet, Richard Rosario Photography styled treats made especially in honor of her special day from cupcakes and cakepops to strawberries dipped in white chocolate, it was definitely going to be the “icing on the cake” of a surprise. All supplied by our local amazing “Brew Coffee House”.

Cecilia came to New York thinking of it as a vacation and nothing more, what she didn’t expect was for her mother to go above and beyond to set up a photoshoot for her and boy was she surprised when she walked in to meet this wacky photographer who welcomed them as family, making their session experience as comfortable and exciting as possible, a home away from home.

Cecilia & SkateboardCecilia & SkateboardCecilia 2015 Cecilia & Black DressCecilia & Black DressHappy Birthday Cecilia & American FlagCecilia & American FlagHappy Birthday

I aim to give off that ‘at home’ experience, we all feel our most comfortable, confident selves when we are at home just living in the skin we’re in and that’s how it should feel when you’re in your own spotlight with that extra dash of pizazz. Cecilia made it so easy to capture her natural beauty, she’s just a natural herself with her chic girl next door, dolled up tomboy style and a cool rocker chic side. Her personality shined through all the glitz and glam appeal with that extra touch as she rocked out her skateboard in her photos, it was really cool to meet a teenager like herself that’s so sure of who she is at such a young age.  There were so many great images created that i had to create this little video. Feliz_Aniversário_Cecilia_720p


You can tell that this type of humbled family makes anyone they meet feel as if they’ve been family all their lives. They are the type of people you keep in your hearts and in contact with indefinitely. I have the pleasure to still keep in touch with them til’ this very day and that’s the gift I got to have out of Cecilia’s birthday.

I rarely do this, but since they were coming from Brazil and I was not going to see them for a while, I decided to do a quick video testimonial right after they saw their final images.  Prepare to shed a happy tear… and watch this till the very end….


Happy Birthday to lovely Ms. Cecilia…

from all of us at Richard Rosario Photography Studio!


Estar Blessed, Estar Happy, Estar YOU!


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An Easter Sunday An Easter Sunday

I've heard the annual Easter debate over how it's celebrated; from the book or from our fantasies. Comments like "I don't see anything about hiding eggs and chocolate bunnies in the bible". 

©Richard Rosario Photography_ Easter 2016©Richard Rosario Photography_ Easter 2016

There's more important concerns; that those we care about are on their way or already there, the check list for the day, or taking a moment to be thankful for our blessings. It's the small things that can get overlooked like the family moments passing us by without notice. So for me, It's these holidays I love to do sessions for the most with bright smiles and matching outfits, how could you not want to cherish these moments? 

Whether your holidays are spent celebrating for religious purposes or because it's been years since you seen certain family members….  That joy spread across my sons face when he's searching for Easter eggs the Easter bunny laid out for the kids to find, is happiness I can't bring myself to destroy. Love is not measured by religious beliefs or politically correct actions. Love is enjoyed and captured in the moments we take with us, the memories. Painting  eggs, egg hunting, eating chocolate, laughs with family, Easter baskets, church, bow ties and family dinners is a big part of the Easter holiday  for me, no matter how's it's placed. 

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0783e©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0783e

Any reason for family getting together and capturing those moments is always good reason to celebrate, no matter what holiday it is. If it was up to me we’d celebrate every holiday from all backgrounds; rosh hashanah to kwanza, long as I can capture it in the moments by embracing it with laughs and a camera,  it's a holiday well spent. Who says the Easter Bunny isn't real anyways? Those peeps have to come from somewhere don't they? Hah, no matter where you come from or what background you have, take these times of holiday cheer and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you in words and hugs. 

You never know when's the next time you'll get to so take the time to do so while you still can. Personally, I prefer to do it with a loud and embarrassing dancing Easter bunny telegram, the more embarrassing the better, but seriously, just enjoy the holidays as they come as gifts we are so lucky to be able to unwrap with those we love.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0109©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0109

These are my boys....As I love to call them....  "My LiL Guy & My LiL-LiL Guy"


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The Back Stage Pass - "SMA" As part of my services, there's an option to offer the special pampering choice to have hair and makeup done at the client's session. This post is on one of my makeup artists; Sasheens Makeup Artistry Editorial Photoshoot, “Sasheens Makeup Wonderland” by Natalia Perez  Instagram:@sma_nyc

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0133e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0133e

Natalia Perez (MUA) of Sasheen Makeup Artistry, is a makeup artist residing here in the Bronx with her own shop opening on April 1st located at 3800 East Tremont Ave. and her new launching website. Natalia not only beautifies with her skills and tools but she also contributes back to the neighborhood with weekly makeup classes for local young teens in a non-profit organization along with two other business owners. Natalia is currently working on a High Fashioned Editorial Makeup post series of what's it like “Inside the Mind of a Makeup Artist” because as Natalia says “Every artist has an alter ego”.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0513e-3©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0513e-3

Ms. Perez is not a one woman show, she's grown her empire of one into a team of makeup artist assistants to be where she can't. Grown her fluorescent lit mirrored table into her shop and established a brand that represents everything she's about; her kids, who she is and how her work brings her logo to life, her true inside artist, especially in this shoot. She incorporated the 3 colors of her logo; yellow, pink, and blue into this session by having flower made lollipops and cupcakes made with edible makeup cupcake toppers.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0373e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0373e

To really make her logo come to life, Natalia had her logo colors as the inspired look for her first model with her colors rainbow-bedazzled into her eye shadow and lips as the “Queen of Color”. The second model reflected Natalia's down-the-rabbit-hole fantasy inspired look of the ruler of all that grows as the “Empress of Envy” and the last model reflected Natalia's edgy dark side with the smoky eyed, dark lips and spikes above her brows look with the “Goddess of Gothic”.


Always looking to think outside the box as her infamous idol “David Bowie” did, Natalia brings her painting techniques into her makeup applications perfecting that promising quality touch. She will also be present at the “Women in Business Expo” at 3677 East Tremont Avenue on March 25th from 7pm - 10pm. Natalia and her team will be there offering mini-makeup-makeovers among many other services and products for grabs. Visit to learn more about her services and for the FREE tickets to reserve your entrance and don't forget…

Be Exceptional, Be Fabulous, Be YOU!


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AJ the Cool Kid Model ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0013e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0013e

It's not often I get to photograph kid models for their portfolio so this session was a special one. This kids name is AJ (Adrian Jose), only 10yrs old and already thriving as a kid model.

It started when his mom, Francis, thought to take some snaps of him with a decent enough camera and post them onto social media. He instantly started to grab the agency mainstream attention on Instagram in only 5 months. Francis would hashtag known modeling names and other keywords that paid off with the right attention.

AJ is just another kid; his choice of sports are soccer and football, he's into playing video games and hanging out with his budds but not into girls yet because right now they're just “annoying”. Hah. Just wait kid, you won't be saying that for long. He's a quiet kid but has an alter ego big personality especially on stage. Not only is he already in modeling but he wants to be an actor when he grows up, AJ has a bright future waiting for him.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0161e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0161e

AJ talks about how much he likes all his friends in school and how they cheer his entrance when ever he arrives. I immediately envision “Normmmmmm!!” in the 80's Sitcom “Cheers” as he would walk into a room. (as seen in this YouTube clip )  He's the more serious, mature kinda kid, the too cool for school kid with his James Dean look he's perfected.

Francis made sure her son was no slacker to grow and move on to become an independent man one day. She has him do his own chores and has 15% of him modeling income go to his trust fund for college. She always knew he'd grow up to become a special kid. AJ has been a fashionista since he was 4yrs old with his matching clothes to his slick comb back, he couldn't leave the house unless he knew he was dressed up and looking sharp. He's not the only talent in the family, there's also an older sister and a younger brother who joins in on the modeling gigs too. In fact she's going to be one of my upcoming sessions next week. Francis is raising superstars in her household and I wouldn't be surprised if she started a whole empire of a kids modeling agency.

©Richard Rosario Photography -Kid Model doing a Selfie with old camera©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0132e

Don't forget..   Be Confident, Be Cool, Be YOU!

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Women In Business Expo Bring out the cowbells and kazoos because this month is Women's Appreciation Month!  Celebrating in style with our Bronx elite “Women in Business Expo” event by Milly Lopez of Pink Shisha Nails.  Vendors will range from; Venues for party events like, “Rosy’s Manor” to Fashion Styling Boutique at “Kai D Kloset”.

These women stem from all backgrounds in the area, all on different paths with the same destination; to succeed and conquer!

For this event, I was called upon to help develop a concept for a phenomenal "Promo-Picture".   I jumped at the opportunity to show my endless support not only to our local business but especially support for women who make up the vast majority of my clients.  Together with Millie we knew that a group shot would be great, but then we decided to step it up a few notches.  I thought it would be great to elevate all the women to an elegant stylish, yet not over the top look and feel.  The concept was born and the planning began....that was an event all in itself.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Women In Business Expo march 25th 2016©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - Composite

There were Hair stylists, Make-up Artists, Fashionistas, Social Media Bloggers, and hair & makeup products everywhere. The atmosphere was a ‘behind the scenes of a Run-Way Fashion Show’ experience. I decided to do both a traditional yet powerful look as a group and an expansive super wide, almost panoramic image that gave each women her own space, yet were all bounded by the common theme.  Hence there are two final images each tells its own story.  

Along with the two final images I also took individual shots of each lady in a beautifully elegant Throne Chair as Queens to their Empires. Our big finale final shot was of the ladies wrapping up the photo with a big celebratory shot at the end. "It's a Wraaaap" was a great recap of this large group of strong and independent women entrepreneurs.

File_000 (1)


The music danced with the excitement from all these business ladies uniting with such power and confidence, it was truly captivating. Envision a group of ladies, some whom don't know each other, uniting through empowerment as if they've known one another for years. In a way these women have known each other, as different as their backgrounds are is as similar as the core of their true selves strive from. I heard some tell others how their business started and the obstacles they had to overcome and how they did so, the answers were the same; Determination, Hunger, Strength, and Resilience. There is no formula for this lifestyle, it is just who these women have grown to become.

Women's Appreciation Month is a time to celebrate women’s success and how far they've come. Women are passionate innovators with profound depth that help to grow our world into bigger and better changes. 

Opportunities like Milly Lopez’s “Women in Business Expo” FREE event dated for March 25th. This event brings all empowering business women together to collaborate and showcase their business through networking and enjoying some fun festivities. This event will be held at “Rosy’s Manor” from 7pm - 10pm with complimentary facials, manicures, massages, drinks, food, and entertainment by Spoken Word Poet/Author “Jesse Marie” and Singer/Song Writer “KFHOX”. You can get your tickets at link below...

©Richard Rosario Photography - Women In Business Group Shot©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0228eee

Be Timeless, Be Empowered, Be YOU!



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Kieana's Future is Bright Did you Know?  Models are seasonal; brunettes are preferred in the summer and Blondes in the winter for advertising purposes. I would of figured it to be the other way around, goes to show how complex this career can be.  This is only one of the many insights that I learned during this session...

This aspiring up and coming models’ vibe was not common. This lovely lady is that girl next door with the unbelievable smile walking in wearing Transformers PJ pants and a Sassy Jersey Girl demeanor.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0460e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0460e

Kieana Cuomo knew exactly what she wanted and delivered it to the tee. At 23yrs old, Kieana is this cool down to Earth aspiring model with her eye on the prize and a bright future awaiting. Her promising future continues to grow as she preps for her professional portraits with me.

She came to the Richard Rosario Photography studio to help build up her portfolio for her career, being pampered was the added bonus. She came to hear about my services through her sister-in-law; and Make-up Artist Shaina from “Shaina’s Spa and Makeup” boutique on Bruckner Blvd. She sat in her red backstage director's chair as the lead role in her life story and wow, she was in complete control; knowing what she wants and how she wanted it not just in the photoshoot, but in her modeling career as well.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0501ee©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0501ee

She went on to share some more of the inside scoop of what it takes to be a model.

She touched base on how models in NY tend to forget or not know any better on how the model agencies are there to work for the models and not the other way around. But in LA it's the models that tend to have to work hard for the agencies, so sometimes it is about "Where you're are" and not just "who you know".

The most challenging part for Ms. Ki-Ki-Kieana striving in the modeling career is food, hah, of course, I mean Kieana has both Italian and Puerto Rican blood running through her and growing up with arroz con frijoles and baked ziti is not something easy to cut ties from all together. Believe me this whole conversation reminded me of my previous blog post called "Coquito & Cannoli"  Is a must read if you ask me.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0708eee©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0708eee

Kieana didn't have it any easier than most models do; growing up, her most challenging life experience was her battle with her weight issues even aside from her career choice. She was always insecure about her weight and how it affected her social life but that didn't stop her. She took control of her fear and decided to do something about it, she took on boxing at 16yrs old. When other teen girls were prepping for the next school dance, Kieana was wrapping her knuckles for her next fight. It was the photos to her Sweet 16’s that was the wake up call to give her that push to take back her life and do something about her weight other than cry and complain. The impact a photograph can make the statement you choose to project in your own life and Kieana was making a whole new one with her photoshoot at the Richard Rosario Photography studio and it was fierce and powerful! Even with her heart set on modeling this woman is no fool, she has a backup career to become a registered nurse, but with her badass, take no crap from no one charisma, I wouldn't be surprised if she was a successful Cover Girl Model &all while being a Registered Nurse! Love yourself, love life, and don't forget to….

Have Fun Like in this Video..... 



 Be Strong, Be Confident, Be YOU!



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Brew Coffee House "Headshot Event" brew logobrew logo

"Because that selfie is No Good”......that was the theme at our last Professional Headshot Event, in which we went all out. We set up a mini professional headshot studio right in the heart of Throggs Neck’s hot-spot “Brew Coffee House” on Vincent & Phillip Avenue a block off of Throggs Neck Blvd. (3217 Phillip Avenue Throggs Neck, NY 10465 to be exact).

©Richard Rosario Photography  at Brew Coffee House©Richard Rosario Photography at Brew Coffee House


As you enter; this warm cinnamon spiced blend of coffee beans and freshly out-the-oven baked muffin aromas with background tunes lures you right in.  First up was the hair station, Ms. Milly Lopez of Pink Shisha Beauty Bar.  She had her whole layout of rolling brushes and flat irons with a hair blower and an array of a variety of hair creams on her tool belt shifting through guests like a pro.  In the next station, Ms. Natalia Perez and her team of Shasheen Makeup Artistry (SMA) had an illuminated Makeup station with Motives Designed cosmetic brushes rolled out with the fanciest of brushes and a few blush palettes that covered a wide range colors, set and ready for applications.  As our guests were getting pampered for their pictures, they enjoyed a complimentary coffee brew and a specialty “Brew Coffee House” treat.

Brew Coffee House TreatsBrew Coffee House Treats

The pampering continued into the photo session where I’d end off their experience with a finale of multiple photos for the guests.  They then simply received all the shots for them to choose from at their convenience. Even then the night wasn’t over for any of us; between the music, mingling, and awesome inspiring professionals joining forces to network with one another.  You never know who you’ll meet in events like this, and a perfect example was none other than "Bronx News 12" who came in to report on the big buzz.  They did a great report on this headshots event and was so happy that they suddenly pulled up and next thing I knew... Pow!.. we had a reporter telling our story.  Thank you News 12 !!


(The Video Report will on my site as soon as News 12 gets me a copy)


As most events go, guests left with more than they bargained for. All dolled up for headshots had them ready for a night out on the town to show off their new looks. The ladies left with some cosmetic beauty tips and lessons they enjoyed while getting pampered and the fellas got to be surrounded but all that beauty, a definite win-win to sum up the evening.  None of it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the staff at “Brew Coffee House” for their hospitality and the owners, Liz, for putting us up for the evening, we are so thankful. They all rocked out this event!

©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography ©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography ©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography


The goal was to simply give back to the community while making folks look good for the very least we could charge.  Many do not realize the importance of a great headshot in their professional online profile.  It truly says more than 1000 words to those who are looking to do business with you.  The most basic thing I feel it says, is that if you care enough about your business to get a professional headshot and look good, then you will provide that same care to serving me as a potential client.


There will be more events coming soon in the near future so stay tuned and keep a lookout but while you wait; set up an appointment for your own session just because tomorrow’s never promised and your today's will always become tomorrow's. Love yourself, treat yourself, cherish your moments and don’t forget to....


Be Confident, Be Gracious, Be YOU!



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A Valentines Special ©Richard Rosario Photography Arielle©Richard Rosario Photography Arielle GT

You know that feeling you get when your song comes on? And you’re jammin, boppin to the beat like no bodies business...It’s just you and the music in your movie scene moment. You could just live in that moment; lead role, center stage, in your spot lighted Broadway Theater show. That’s the moment to capture. That’s what I like to look for in my sessions, especially during holidays full of love and passion. No Body loves you like you do when it’s just you and those forgotten moments. For me to capture that, the essence of beauty mixed with confidence, is a win every time.

I mean, when do any of us have the time to take a moment to appreciate the little things that matter most; getting to know who you are and falling in love all over again with a long lost friend, no better love affair than that, right?

Perhaps is how you do your hair,  that says you took some time to try a different style today. It’s how you stride with those shoes you intentionally matched with your outfit, the colors you used in your makeup to match the time of day and season that shows how you love yourself.   Or perhaps is simply having elegant undergarments that make you glow from within.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Cindy _MG_0453e©Richard Rosario Photography_Cindy _MG_0453e ©Richard Rosario Photography_Cindy _MG_2856©Richard Rosario Photography_Cindy _MG_2856

From all the paths I’ve crossed with all the collected stories, there is one thing that remained the same in the end of them all. It all came down to self-love, there was no villain or sad or happy ending. The prince charming in all of them was in the lead role the whole time. If love is the answer for  living than how can you expect to know how to love another if you’ve yet to love yourself first. Love yourself with a little pampering; nails, hair, makeup, a photography session to capture the makeover. Not only for yourself but maybe for a few risqué shots for someone special.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0300ee©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0300ee

This Valentine’s Day, take the extra time stop and love yourself first.  and don’t forget to....

Bee Spin

Be Confident, Be Lovely, Be YOU!


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Photographer Wins Photoshoot Oh the irony in this one.... At a “Black Dress Event”, my portrait photography services was one of the major prizes for a fundraising event a special little lady, Marisa Hernandez, was the winner. She so happens to also be a photographer herself. Hah, go figure...I knew this was going to be fun and interesting. So, we exchanged information, set up a time and date that suits her for her prizes session at my studio and eventually she then goes into being a photographer herself. You know, I’m all about growing through learning and dishing it back out into the world just the same so this was in a way, a prize for me too.

Now Marisa is a one of those people who you feel like you’ve known for years and ask if you’ve met before. She’s inviting and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. This Boricua is carefree and will let you know, although she’s different than the islanders, she’s 100% Boricua. She’ll tell you that Puerto Ricans come in many shades of flavors. “We come in all flavors, my grandmother had kids in all shades” as she says it.

Richard Rosario PhotographyMarisa

She has two daughters and works as a Surgeon Resident Coordinator at Montefiore hospital training up to 60 people a day for long hours just to find the nearest phone booth by night for her life’s mission; to be a Photographer. She does it for the love of it like all us passionate artists do. She states on her website at “I chose photography because I care about your memories as much as you do. My goal is to capture a piece of time that you can cherish forever.”

It all started for her when she was a little girl and her father would carry a camera in his pocket anywhere he went. She had vouched since then to one day become a photographer herself. She lives this passion by learning it so young, by seeing it in her father first. When you love something, it flows through you with ease, there’s no fighting that feeling. When you do find it, it sticks to you like a stain on your soul. What I admired about her other than her bubbly personality full of energy bouncing up and down to the music, is that she never let go. People will make up reasons not to but she found reasons to make it happen and that to me is admirable.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled _MG_0059e©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled _MG_0059e

The prize for her shoot included getting her hair and makeup done. She fussed on how no one could ever get her hair right and gave a heads up to our stylist “Louis LaWiar”, the one I did a “Backstage Pass” about a few posts back. He laughed and joked it off but by the time he was done Marisa had tears in her eyes of joy. Her makeup was done by my makeup artist Natalia Perez, her added touch with Louis’ do, gave her goosebumps as she’s asking while looking in the mirror “Is that really me? I want to cry but I don’t want to mess up my makeup”. Although she was a photographer, she still had her nervous, jittery poses and moments she wasn’t sure of. Guys, everyone, even us professionals, have insecurities. In my sessions, I aim for my clients to leave feeling amazing and confident in their own skin and Marisa was glowing with pride by the time she walked out my door. You can check her out at  her website and email her at [email protected] and don’t forget...

Be Ambitious, Be Gorgeous, Be YOU!


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Young & Fun

Young and Fun with Anny Castillo.

In our early 20’s the world is promising and full of possibilities. There are windows open and knocking doors waiting to be opened. A certain immortality state of mind over powers our ability to make wise decisions; paying rent on time, throwing the milk out by its expiration date, or not eating a whole cake in one sitting. We live life carefree and effortless. 

Anny_ Richard Rosario Photography

At a certain point we start to realize that rent keeps a roof over our head, sour milk leads to all day trips to the bathroom and diabetes is not just an after school special made just for old people with canes. Once we realize this, it’s as if our youth is gone and replaced with mini vans and little league games. We live our today’s as if tomorrow never comes or You Only Live Once aka: “YOLO” lifestyle.

Then there are those who are young with old souls.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0084e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0084e

One of my photo shoot sessions was for Anny Carolina Castillo; a resilient young lady living each day to its fullest. Anny’s motto is “It’s all in the mind to be strong”. She has a twin sister named Jaqueline who has a 3yr old named Xander, that she loves to pieces as her best little buddy. Her old soul did not cover up her softer side. She’s tough while wearing her heart on her sleeve. Anny has been through a good 2-3 lifetimes as it is. Her natural leadership skills helped get her through those times. You wouldn’t think she has endured so much at such a young age just by looking at her. What you do see when looking at Anny is a big smile full of joy and a fun girl to hang out with; a great friend.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0126©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0126 ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0117e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0117e

Here’s to my generation of old guys and their young souls. If there was anything I truly got out of this journey with Anny, is to live life most days like it’s your last days and for all the other days I’ll be checking expiration dates, paying bills, and not leave a fork in the cake box to be eaten all at once. Always remember to....

Be YOLO, Be Gorgeous, Be YOU!


©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0234©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0234

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The BackStage Pass - "Hair with Luis"

Take a step behind the lens and watch how the magic comes together with the help of my team. For this admission, we will unfold the skills and makings of one of my go-to artists; Luis LaWiar, Hairstylist extraordinaire....


A session in Richard Rosario Photography studio is all about the experience to have the client feel at their best in their glamified fierce fun-filled day. Luis brings in that extra umph’ factor into our lights, camera, action appeal.

Luis’ sense of style heightens his keen eye to perfect the clients personalized look. Most hairstylists have their signature style they perfect over time that reflects their skills and preferences but for this bonafide stylist, his markings is far from the average norm.

This cosmetólogo is sparked with pizzazz and out-of-the-box perfectionism. He doesn’t see the hair, he sees another part of the woman’s anatomy; delicate hands, feminine arms, lengthy legs, and locks of beauty. He extends who the woman is into her hair, there is no distinction from the two. Luis goes out of his way to make the clients experience as exciting as it would be behind-scenes of a movie production, so much so that he comes to you in the comfort of your own home instead of having you come to him; the supreme hot ironed traveling man. His experience dates back to before sideways pony tails, mullets, Farrah Fawcett’s feathered blow out, and big hair-big bangs hair sprayed styles. He’s seen it all and done it all and learned the woman makes the hair style not the other way around...that is his signature mark; to fit the style to who the woman is.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0508©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0508 ©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0215e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0215e

There’s a feminine touch in every woman and Luis can bring that out in them with his influence from Jose Earrollo as one of his role models and his experience from years of do’s and don’ts. Having Luis apart of our team has been so much fun, not only for the clients but for the rest of my team as well. Doing a shoot with Luis is always an experience sure to leave the client with tears in her eyes and big hug of appreciation. Get a taste of the behind the scenes experience with Luis and the rest of my team and book a session at You can also reach Luis directly at 917-688-7447 and don’t forget....

Be Glamorous, Be Stylish, Be YOU!



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Simply Put, Thank You

Fall In Love with yourselfFall In Love with yourself Are we really going to commit to the year-end resolution bit? Did we commit to last years? Instead of the cliche usual New Years Eve resolution, how about we make a new type of resolution of ‘Thank You’s. For all the times I didn’t say it enough, to all those who did without expecting, and all the times I took memorable moments with others for granted...I thank you.

This is a ‘resolution’ I can do, with out all that gut wrenching guilt of knowing it wont get done and really make something of it. As we enter this new year, lets commit to doing better by being better with a big Thank You, simply put. Whether its through a phone call, letter, email or even a blog....Send out a Thank You.

So, to my year-end ‘Thank You Bit’, I’d like to send out mine to my team of go-to doers. My make-up artists; Berenice, Lyndsey, Natalia and Shaina, you ladies can transform any woman’s look with a few tools and some magic and it’s a pleasure to see such transitions with makeup...I thank you. My hair stylist Luis who can easily create just about any style on any woman bringing up the occasional tear-jerker effect....I thank you. To my assistant Makeeda and Jessica for the long hours and dedicated contributions, your talents are not unnoticed...I thank you. To my wife for all the patience, love and support given to me through it all...I thank you. But most importantly; to all my clients, for the experiences, the stories, the memories, the laughs, the opportunities and support given to me to create such beauty...I thank you!

If there’s anything I can take away with me from this year it would be that, every time a client sees their own pictures, I am reminded of why I do what do and love it so much.  What would you take away from 2015? (add in comments below)

Going into a new year doesn’t mean to forget the one we are leaving behind but to cherish it and learn from it so we can become that much better in 2016! Oh man, my first time writing 2016, well better to get started with it now before I sign off checks with the wrong year-date...again. Happy New Year’s and don’t forget...

Be Thankful, Be New, Be YOU!


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Coquito & Cannoli

The other day my 4yr old son brings home this assignment to fill out his family’s culture background. It asked about holiday celebrations and traditions in his family and it took me a minute to come up with an answer. Growing up, I didn’t see our holiday parties and family gatherings as traditional; it was just something every family did. Now that I have my own, I see where our cultural background makes this tradition alive.  Combine that with my wife's Italian traditions and the answer was a bit more interesting all of a sudden.

When I think back, I can hear pans clanking and singing coming from the kitchen as I’m waking up to the sounds of music humming throughout the house. Sounds of such greats; as Celia Cruz, El Grand Combo, Wilfredo Vargas and many more, giving my mother that extra push of energy to get through her hectic morning. She’s been up since the crack of dawn whipping up our Christmas Holiday feast scheduled at 6pm for a family that can fill a community hall. There seemed to be a three part recipe to my family’s holiday traditions growing up; early morning music, a huge feast, and a big family party.

As for my wife, well they also had a big family as they listened to classics from "The Everly Brothers" to Ol' blue eyes Frank Sinatra. However, I thought my family could eat, but holy smokes... my wife's classic Italian tradition is a non-stop food feast for like two days.  Christmas Eve dinner is an evening of 7 varieties of seafood all before attending the midnight Mass.  Christmas Day starts with morning frittata, then antipasto, then salad, then hot pasta and then you get to the main entree in the evening.  Let’s not even talk about the cannoli and frangelico. This all translates to eating and eating and… (wait for it) …more eating.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Family©Richard Rosario Photography_Family

All the commotion about religion and Christmas lately has taken away from what this holiday is built upon; family, friends, and making memories. It wasn’t until my son’s school assignment that I forgot myself. To take on the holiday spirit, I put on some old school merengue and Frank Sinatra, poured me a cold glass of coquito as I took that moment to soak in my newly found-family-feast tradition before sitting down to write this blog. I learned how my sons close relationship with the family comes from where we come from. It brought me so much joy to run around the family Christmas party with my cousins until we would eventually fall asleep on the bed with all the guests coats while the adults drank coquito and danced til’ morning like it was 1999’.

Bring out the dominoes, cards, musica, and coquito. Serve yourself a plate of pernil, aroz con gondules, platanos, or pastels; while my wife was eating lasagna, lobster fra diavolo and roast beef.  Pick a seat near your cousins at the kiddies table. Laugh til you cry, dance til you hurt, eat til you ache and gather around family from near and far at a table so large you have to pass down almost every dish til’ you’re done eating. That’s our family cultural tradition; the Christmas family feast. Whatever your family tradition is, pass it down to the kids and keep that strong family bond through holiday traditions shared with those you love. 

©Richard Rosario Photography_Rich & Ryan©Richard Rosario Photography_Rich & Ryan

Love life, love yourself, and don’t forget..... Be Jolly, Be Strong, Be YOU.

Tell me; what’s your family holiday tradition?  

Post in the comments below.




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For Every Mother, with Love


When my first son was born, it changed how I saw life, how I saw everyone, and everything around me. It was like a revelation, in a sense. It’s funny how different the simplest things become as a parent. The change of your today’s becoming your tomorrows and tomorrows becoming too late, every moment is as precious as the one before it and it comes and goes just as fast.

Becoming a parent is such an inexplicable experience that can only be lived to fully grasp how much it can change a person. As parents we make sacrifices and our needs and desires becomes our children’s; where to live, what to eat, traditions, how to live, etc. We make these changes in what use to be our independent self-centered life and we know it to be more than we ever thought we needed B.P. (Before Parenting). 

My mother would tell me “One day Rich, you’ll know when you have your own little ones, then you will know”. I always laughed it off as the motherly thing to say when her kids act out of line. Now I laugh because, now I know. Having your own children makes everything come together and it’s your job to nurture them into the adults they’ll strive to become in society on their own.

My mother’s words comes in moments like the session I did for Virginia and Makeeda; a mother-daughter photo shoot session.

Virginia and MakeedaVirginia and MakeedaMother and Daughter

Virginia said these words and it instantly brought me back to my mother. “The way you treat your kids, mold them into who they will grow up to become”. Virginia said this as if she knew this since she was a young girl herself. She grew up in the barrio of Manhattan on 110st and describes it as a time when block parties were open for all and a blanket on the roof top on a hot summers evening was all you needed for a fun get together, that and some cool breezy roof top weather.  She grew up in a big family where everyone pitched in to help. The terms “it takes a village” was a natural way of life for her growing up. She continued this way of life by adopting 4 children and fostering 35 of them. Her daughter Makeeda is the youngest of her 7 children she raised into adulthood. 

Virginia and MakeedaVirginia and MakeedaMother and Daughter

Makeeda scheduled this session for Virginia’s Birthday as a surprise to enjoy a day to celebrate her.


She told her mother that they were stopping by to see my kids. Makeeda use to be my assistant so her mother knew me and my family pretty well, especially my kids who she adores. She came through the door expecting little smiles and big hugs from my kids but instead got a hot pink sash, tiara, and birthday button with a stream of balloons as the Richard Rosario Photography team welcomed her with a Happy Birthday song and her photo shoot surprise. While laughing and smiling at her surprise, she still asks about the kids and if she could see them. For her, kids are gifts and every day is a birthday. Virginia would say throughout her session “every day is a birthday for me, every day we should live as if it’s our birthday” with this certain sweetness in her words. Virginia’s had two hip replacements but that doesn’t stop her from dancing whenever she hears music, dancing as if it’s her Birthday every day. Virginia and MakeedaVirginia and MakeedaMother and Daughter


Her and Makeeda have this hilarious relationship where they are open and would poke fun at each other and it was so awesome to watch through a camera lens; focusing on their laughs and love for each other. You know, it’s just magical how a camera can help block out everything around you and just live in that moment of laughs, smiles, and love. It’s hard to do that these days with all the distractions pulling us away from what’s important as if it’s programmed into ourselves to keep moving forward as fast as possible just to keep up with life. This was truly special to me, these kinds of sessions are what my business is made of; capturing the moments to last forever. I’m just glad I can do that for Virginia and Makeeda and every other mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, best friends; for every woman who gets distracted from what’s important and capture it before it’s gone for good. Love life, love yourself, and don’t forget to.....

Be Fun, Be Gracious, Be YOU.


Virginia and MakeedaVirginia and MakeedaMother and Daughter



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Tell Me Your Story with Nina Murray


Tell Me Your Story with Nina Murray...

Empress Simone - Published Author, Mother of three, Genealogist, and full time student...

The first thing I'll tell you is that Nina reached out to me wanting to recreate a Vintage Classic look that captures her style.  She loved it !!

Richard Rosario Photography Nina Vintage lookRichard Rosario Photography Nina Vintage lookVintage Look of Nina

I can appreciate a client like Nina with her confidence shining through in just the way she carries herself . Nina’s literary experience offers other artists inspiration to follow their dreams and that to me is what its all about; helping others as you grow.

If anyone knows the power of words, it’s Nina. She explains to me how writing saved her life when she first started to fight cancer. Realizing how precious life is and how short our time can become, Nina  followed her childhood dream and pursued writing that ended up in a few publications like; In These Streets -Koi’s Saga, Geena - A Bronx Chicks Story, Geena 2, and Poems in, just to name a few. You can find her work at Facebook/ 

There are those that have to find the time to make these journeys happen then there are those who know time is of the essence and waits for no man or woman. Nina has this sense of humor you can't resist to join in on, she laughed and joked on different things and it was fun, she has that kind of laugh that makes anyone have a good laugh around her.

I've always loved photography since I was a young guy and when you know that path is for you, you just know it. Nina was the rare find of those who figure it out at a young age, Second grade to be exact with a comedy skit. Life put her through the whirl winds and she got through them striving better than ever. Her strength is carried from her father that raised her and shines through her children with creative backgrounds of writing, modeling and acting.

©Richard Rosario Photography with Nina©Richard Rosario Photography with NinaBeautiful Women with tons of Style

She takes a moment and looks down after talking about her set backs of health, personal, and family troubles. Nina lifts her head with this confident smile and says such simple yet inspiring words..

“If you don’t try,  you’ve already failed”. Her life is her inspiration and she uses that inspiration to help others aspire into their dreams. Remember now is yesterday and tomorrow's today. Laugh at the small things and smile at the tribulations. Nina left saying she should of been taking time to appreciate herself and when it was time to come back to pick up her photos she couldn't get enough of how beautiful they came out, choosing almost every photo out of the batch she scrolled through. And don't forget to....

Be graceful, Be powerful, Be You.




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This Magic Moment to Last Forever, Featuring Belgica Acevedo

Richard Rosario Photography and BelgicaRichard Rosario Photography With BelgicaBelgica's Blue Dress Elegance and Beauty

How I Photograph..

As a man, I can only appreciate the beauty of each person in the only way I know how; through passion. I’d like to say  “sure, use this experience as a sample of what yours will be like”, but I can’t. Every experience with each person  is unique in its own way. I’m passionate about people; the beauty they hold and their own personalities they pour out into each photograph allows me to relive that passion every time.

I’m able to first; incorporate these parts of a person not by envisioning them through  the photographers “eye”, but by getting to know them first through casual conversations offering me a glimpse into who they are.

Belgica Acevedo was straight to the point, she knew who she was and spoke it with love and compassion. Belgica, like most clients during the shoot; was nervous, vulnerable, unsure how to position herself and trying to find her own in order to capture the best version of her. Like most sessions, a cup of coffee and some music was all she needed to take in her moment to remember it was her day and my job to figure that out for her and nothing else mattered. As the shoot went on, we talked about her growing up with 11 siblings and how it helped mold her into the wonderful warm hearted mother she prides herself to be. She loosened up more and more as she let me in to who she was and her contributions to the community that reflected what a great role model is not just to her neighbors and friends but to her children as well.

Belgica the Beautiful Latin Woman with a Peach Dress and Dark Background©Richard Rosario Photography - Belgica BlogBelgica Blog Image with Richard Rosario Photography

I decided to record her experience through photography & video in order to shine light on her personal photo shoot experience for your viewing. Yes, more than likely you too will feel vulnerable, nervous, shaky, and jittery. As each light is positioned and each photo taken; you will be renewed into an elegant, confident, sexy and naturally graceful version of who you lost touch with and reclaimed by the time you are throwing on your coat and getting ready to head back to your life. The best part about your day is that you captured it and can forever hold it with you and all your loved ones you share it with. Don’t wait for the perfect time to feel “pretty enough” or special occasions, everyday is a day we should celebrate who we are and you should to. Be timeless, be elegant, be graceful, be YOU.

Richard Rosario's picture of Latin women in Navy Blue dressBelgica with Richard Rosario PhotographyNavy Blue & Belgica



P.S. For even more examples, Check out a short video of her images on my website here: 

Belgica's Video of her Photo SessionSlide Show Video of the Photo Session Pictures with Richard Rosario photography



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First Richard Rosario Photography Blog Hello and Welcome, 

I have wanted to reach out to all of you for some time. It's a beautiful season and the leaves are falling in all of Novembers amber colors. As you might already know, my name is Richard and I'm a photographer and CEO of Richard Rosario Photography. I want to show my appreciation for the opportunity to have photographed so many beautiful women, children and some good-looking fellas too. I can already smell the turkey roasting in the oven as I look around at all my blessings.  The familiar smells linger and takes me back to my childhood just for a day, that is one of the top on the list to give thanks for, family and memories.  It's nice to take these moments and soak them in, even if it's short lived.  

I started up this blog to give you guys a peak into who I am and what I'm all about, another door to knock on with any questions I can personally answer for both clients and other photographers. A place to offer a variety of tips of advice for the modern everyday woman. Any questions or even concerns you have, go ahead and reach out to me, it may just be a question someone else would like to know the answer to as well. Stay updated on the latest offers; discounts, hair, make-up, and wardrobe tips and articles through this blog.  Most importantly; I will focus on the "Stories" of my clients, my team, and of course my own.

Please, whether you want to record the best version of you for a session in my studio or not, take those moments and soak them in as much as you can. After all, tis' the season to be Thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving,

From all of us at Richard Rosario Photography


Mom Holding her two boysThe Richard Rosario FamilyTheresa, Richard and Ryan

©Richard Rosario Photography Richard and RyanMy Kids






Watch My Story...My "WHY" video below

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