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Simply Put, Thank You

December 31, 2015  •  1 Comment

Fall In Love with yourselfFall In Love with yourself Are we really going to commit to the year-end resolution bit? Did we commit to last years? Instead of the cliche usual New Years Eve resolution, how about we make a new type of resolution of ‘Thank You’s. For all the times I didn’t say it enough, to all those who did without expecting, and all the times I took memorable moments with others for granted...I thank you.

This is a ‘resolution’ I can do, with out all that gut wrenching guilt of knowing it wont get done and really make something of it. As we enter this new year, lets commit to doing better by being better with a big Thank You, simply put. Whether its through a phone call, letter, email or even a blog....Send out a Thank You.

So, to my year-end ‘Thank You Bit’, I’d like to send out mine to my team of go-to doers. My make-up artists; Berenice, Lyndsey, Natalia and Shaina, you ladies can transform any woman’s look with a few tools and some magic and it’s a pleasure to see such transitions with makeup...I thank you. My hair stylist Luis who can easily create just about any style on any woman bringing up the occasional tear-jerker effect....I thank you. To my assistant Makeeda and Jessica for the long hours and dedicated contributions, your talents are not unnoticed...I thank you. To my wife for all the patience, love and support given to me through it all...I thank you. But most importantly; to all my clients, for the experiences, the stories, the memories, the laughs, the opportunities and support given to me to create such beauty...I thank you!

If there’s anything I can take away with me from this year it would be that, every time a client sees their own pictures, I am reminded of why I do what do and love it so much.  What would you take away from 2015? (add in comments below)

Going into a new year doesn’t mean to forget the one we are leaving behind but to cherish it and learn from it so we can become that much better in 2016! Oh man, my first time writing 2016, well better to get started with it now before I sign off checks with the wrong year-date...again. Happy New Year’s and don’t forget...

Be Thankful, Be New, Be YOU!



You are an amazing person! Your words touched me! THANK YOU for making one of my daughter's dream comes true! A brazilian 15-year-old being photographed in the USA!! That day was really perfect! Thank you! May God allow you the best wishes and much success!
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