Richard Rosario Photography | Tell Me Your Story with Nina Murray

Tell Me Your Story with Nina Murray

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Tell Me Your Story with Nina Murray...

Empress Simone - Published Author, Mother of three, Genealogist, and full time student...

The first thing I'll tell you is that Nina reached out to me wanting to recreate a Vintage Classic look that captures her style.  She loved it !!

Richard Rosario Photography Nina Vintage lookRichard Rosario Photography Nina Vintage lookVintage Look of Nina

I can appreciate a client like Nina with her confidence shining through in just the way she carries herself . Nina’s literary experience offers other artists inspiration to follow their dreams and that to me is what its all about; helping others as you grow.

If anyone knows the power of words, it’s Nina. She explains to me how writing saved her life when she first started to fight cancer. Realizing how precious life is and how short our time can become, Nina  followed her childhood dream and pursued writing that ended up in a few publications like; In These Streets -Koi’s Saga, Geena - A Bronx Chicks Story, Geena 2, and Poems in, just to name a few. You can find her work at Facebook/ 

There are those that have to find the time to make these journeys happen then there are those who know time is of the essence and waits for no man or woman. Nina has this sense of humor you can't resist to join in on, she laughed and joked on different things and it was fun, she has that kind of laugh that makes anyone have a good laugh around her.

I've always loved photography since I was a young guy and when you know that path is for you, you just know it. Nina was the rare find of those who figure it out at a young age, Second grade to be exact with a comedy skit. Life put her through the whirl winds and she got through them striving better than ever. Her strength is carried from her father that raised her and shines through her children with creative backgrounds of writing, modeling and acting.

©Richard Rosario Photography with Nina©Richard Rosario Photography with NinaBeautiful Women with tons of Style

She takes a moment and looks down after talking about her set backs of health, personal, and family troubles. Nina lifts her head with this confident smile and says such simple yet inspiring words..

“If you don’t try,  you’ve already failed”. Her life is her inspiration and she uses that inspiration to help others aspire into their dreams. Remember now is yesterday and tomorrow's today. Laugh at the small things and smile at the tribulations. Nina left saying she should of been taking time to appreciate herself and when it was time to come back to pick up her photos she couldn't get enough of how beautiful they came out, choosing almost every photo out of the batch she scrolled through. And don't forget to....

Be graceful, Be powerful, Be You.




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Beautiful pics and great story Richard! Looking forward to the next ones!!
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