Richard Rosario Photography | This Magic Moment to Last Forever, Featuring Belgica Acevedo

This Magic Moment to Last Forever, Featuring Belgica Acevedo

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Richard Rosario Photography and BelgicaRichard Rosario Photography With BelgicaBelgica's Blue Dress Elegance and Beauty

How I Photograph..

As a man, I can only appreciate the beauty of each person in the only way I know how; through passion. I’d like to say  “sure, use this experience as a sample of what yours will be like”, but I can’t. Every experience with each person  is unique in its own way. I’m passionate about people; the beauty they hold and their own personalities they pour out into each photograph allows me to relive that passion every time.

I’m able to first; incorporate these parts of a person not by envisioning them through  the photographers “eye”, but by getting to know them first through casual conversations offering me a glimpse into who they are.

Belgica Acevedo was straight to the point, she knew who she was and spoke it with love and compassion. Belgica, like most clients during the shoot; was nervous, vulnerable, unsure how to position herself and trying to find her own in order to capture the best version of her. Like most sessions, a cup of coffee and some music was all she needed to take in her moment to remember it was her day and my job to figure that out for her and nothing else mattered. As the shoot went on, we talked about her growing up with 11 siblings and how it helped mold her into the wonderful warm hearted mother she prides herself to be. She loosened up more and more as she let me in to who she was and her contributions to the community that reflected what a great role model is not just to her neighbors and friends but to her children as well.

Belgica the Beautiful Latin Woman with a Peach Dress and Dark Background©Richard Rosario Photography - Belgica BlogBelgica Blog Image with Richard Rosario Photography

I decided to record her experience through photography & video in order to shine light on her personal photo shoot experience for your viewing. Yes, more than likely you too will feel vulnerable, nervous, shaky, and jittery. As each light is positioned and each photo taken; you will be renewed into an elegant, confident, sexy and naturally graceful version of who you lost touch with and reclaimed by the time you are throwing on your coat and getting ready to head back to your life. The best part about your day is that you captured it and can forever hold it with you and all your loved ones you share it with. Don’t wait for the perfect time to feel “pretty enough” or special occasions, everyday is a day we should celebrate who we are and you should to. Be timeless, be elegant, be graceful, be YOU.

Richard Rosario's picture of Latin women in Navy Blue dressBelgica with Richard Rosario PhotographyNavy Blue & Belgica



P.S. For even more examples, Check out a short video of her images on my website here: 

Belgica's Video of her Photo SessionSlide Show Video of the Photo Session Pictures with Richard Rosario photography



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