Richard Rosario Photography | The BackStage Pass - "Hair with Luis"

The BackStage Pass - "Hair with Luis"

January 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

Take a step behind the lens and watch how the magic comes together with the help of my team. For this admission, we will unfold the skills and makings of one of my go-to artists; Luis LaWiar, Hairstylist extraordinaire....


A session in Richard Rosario Photography studio is all about the experience to have the client feel at their best in their glamified fierce fun-filled day. Luis brings in that extra umph’ factor into our lights, camera, action appeal.

Luis’ sense of style heightens his keen eye to perfect the clients personalized look. Most hairstylists have their signature style they perfect over time that reflects their skills and preferences but for this bonafide stylist, his markings is far from the average norm.

This cosmetólogo is sparked with pizzazz and out-of-the-box perfectionism. He doesn’t see the hair, he sees another part of the woman’s anatomy; delicate hands, feminine arms, lengthy legs, and locks of beauty. He extends who the woman is into her hair, there is no distinction from the two. Luis goes out of his way to make the clients experience as exciting as it would be behind-scenes of a movie production, so much so that he comes to you in the comfort of your own home instead of having you come to him; the supreme hot ironed traveling man. His experience dates back to before sideways pony tails, mullets, Farrah Fawcett’s feathered blow out, and big hair-big bangs hair sprayed styles. He’s seen it all and done it all and learned the woman makes the hair style not the other way around...that is his signature mark; to fit the style to who the woman is.

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There’s a feminine touch in every woman and Luis can bring that out in them with his influence from Jose Earrollo as one of his role models and his experience from years of do’s and don’ts. Having Luis apart of our team has been so much fun, not only for the clients but for the rest of my team as well. Doing a shoot with Luis is always an experience sure to leave the client with tears in her eyes and big hug of appreciation. Get a taste of the behind the scenes experience with Luis and the rest of my team and book a session at You can also reach Luis directly at 917-688-7447 and don’t forget....

Be Glamorous, Be Stylish, Be YOU!




Luis has been my hair stylist for 17 years, he is simply amazing
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