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A Valentines Special

February 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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You know that feeling you get when your song comes on? And you’re jammin, boppin to the beat like no bodies business...It’s just you and the music in your movie scene moment. You could just live in that moment; lead role, center stage, in your spot lighted Broadway Theater show. That’s the moment to capture. That’s what I like to look for in my sessions, especially during holidays full of love and passion. No Body loves you like you do when it’s just you and those forgotten moments. For me to capture that, the essence of beauty mixed with confidence, is a win every time.

I mean, when do any of us have the time to take a moment to appreciate the little things that matter most; getting to know who you are and falling in love all over again with a long lost friend, no better love affair than that, right?

Perhaps is how you do your hair,  that says you took some time to try a different style today. It’s how you stride with those shoes you intentionally matched with your outfit, the colors you used in your makeup to match the time of day and season that shows how you love yourself.   Or perhaps is simply having elegant undergarments that make you glow from within.

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From all the paths I’ve crossed with all the collected stories, there is one thing that remained the same in the end of them all. It all came down to self-love, there was no villain or sad or happy ending. The prince charming in all of them was in the lead role the whole time. If love is the answer for  living than how can you expect to know how to love another if you’ve yet to love yourself first. Love yourself with a little pampering; nails, hair, makeup, a photography session to capture the makeover. Not only for yourself but maybe for a few risqué shots for someone special.

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This Valentine’s Day, take the extra time stop and love yourself first.  and don’t forget to....

Bee Spin

Be Confident, Be Lovely, Be YOU!



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