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The Back Stage Pass - "SMA"

March 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

As part of my services, there's an option to offer the special pampering choice to have hair and makeup done at the client's session. This post is on one of my makeup artists; Sasheens Makeup Artistry Editorial Photoshoot, “Sasheens Makeup Wonderland” by Natalia Perez  Instagram:@sma_nyc

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0133e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0133e

Natalia Perez (MUA) of Sasheen Makeup Artistry, is a makeup artist residing here in the Bronx with her own shop opening on April 1st located at 3800 East Tremont Ave. and her new launching website. Natalia not only beautifies with her skills and tools but she also contributes back to the neighborhood with weekly makeup classes for local young teens in a non-profit organization along with two other business owners. Natalia is currently working on a High Fashioned Editorial Makeup post series of what's it like “Inside the Mind of a Makeup Artist” because as Natalia says “Every artist has an alter ego”.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0513e-3©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0513e-3

Ms. Perez is not a one woman show, she's grown her empire of one into a team of makeup artist assistants to be where she can't. Grown her fluorescent lit mirrored table into her shop and established a brand that represents everything she's about; her kids, who she is and how her work brings her logo to life, her true inside artist, especially in this shoot. She incorporated the 3 colors of her logo; yellow, pink, and blue into this session by having flower made lollipops and cupcakes made with edible makeup cupcake toppers.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0373e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0373e

To really make her logo come to life, Natalia had her logo colors as the inspired look for her first model with her colors rainbow-bedazzled into her eye shadow and lips as the “Queen of Color”. The second model reflected Natalia's down-the-rabbit-hole fantasy inspired look of the ruler of all that grows as the “Empress of Envy” and the last model reflected Natalia's edgy dark side with the smoky eyed, dark lips and spikes above her brows look with the “Goddess of Gothic”.


Always looking to think outside the box as her infamous idol “David Bowie” did, Natalia brings her painting techniques into her makeup applications perfecting that promising quality touch. She will also be present at the “Women in Business Expo” at 3677 East Tremont Avenue on March 25th from 7pm - 10pm. Natalia and her team will be there offering mini-makeup-makeovers among many other services and products for grabs. Visit to learn more about her services and for the FREE tickets to reserve your entrance and don't forget…

Be Exceptional, Be Fabulous, Be YOU!




Miriam Pinedo(non-registered)
Natalia is a true artist!Her work is beautiful and I can't WAIT for the opportunity to work with her again.
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