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Women In Business Expo

March 03, 2016  •  4 Comments

Bring out the cowbells and kazoos because this month is Women's Appreciation Month!  Celebrating in style with our Bronx elite “Women in Business Expo” event by Milly Lopez of Pink Shisha Nails.  Vendors will range from; Venues for party events like, “Rosy’s Manor” to Fashion Styling Boutique at “Kai D Kloset”.

These women stem from all backgrounds in the area, all on different paths with the same destination; to succeed and conquer!

For this event, I was called upon to help develop a concept for a phenomenal "Promo-Picture".   I jumped at the opportunity to show my endless support not only to our local business but especially support for women who make up the vast majority of my clients.  Together with Millie we knew that a group shot would be great, but then we decided to step it up a few notches.  I thought it would be great to elevate all the women to an elegant stylish, yet not over the top look and feel.  The concept was born and the planning began....that was an event all in itself.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Women In Business Expo march 25th 2016©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - Composite

There were Hair stylists, Make-up Artists, Fashionistas, Social Media Bloggers, and hair & makeup products everywhere. The atmosphere was a ‘behind the scenes of a Run-Way Fashion Show’ experience. I decided to do both a traditional yet powerful look as a group and an expansive super wide, almost panoramic image that gave each women her own space, yet were all bounded by the common theme.  Hence there are two final images each tells its own story.  

Along with the two final images I also took individual shots of each lady in a beautifully elegant Throne Chair as Queens to their Empires. Our big finale final shot was of the ladies wrapping up the photo with a big celebratory shot at the end. "It's a Wraaaap" was a great recap of this large group of strong and independent women entrepreneurs.

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The music danced with the excitement from all these business ladies uniting with such power and confidence, it was truly captivating. Envision a group of ladies, some whom don't know each other, uniting through empowerment as if they've known one another for years. In a way these women have known each other, as different as their backgrounds are is as similar as the core of their true selves strive from. I heard some tell others how their business started and the obstacles they had to overcome and how they did so, the answers were the same; Determination, Hunger, Strength, and Resilience. There is no formula for this lifestyle, it is just who these women have grown to become.

Women's Appreciation Month is a time to celebrate women’s success and how far they've come. Women are passionate innovators with profound depth that help to grow our world into bigger and better changes. 

Opportunities like Milly Lopez’s “Women in Business Expo” FREE event dated for March 25th. This event brings all empowering business women together to collaborate and showcase their business through networking and enjoying some fun festivities. This event will be held at “Rosy’s Manor” from 7pm - 10pm with complimentary facials, manicures, massages, drinks, food, and entertainment by Spoken Word Poet/Author “Jesse Marie” and Singer/Song Writer “KFHOX”. You can get your tickets at link below...

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Be Timeless, Be Empowered, Be YOU!





Natalia Perez(non-registered)
What an awesome experience! I'm happy to be part of these memorable moments
Shaina Albizu(non-registered)
Its a Beautiful Thing When Strong Independent Business Women Can Come Together And Empower one another .
Jesse Marie(non-registered)
What an experience. Truly memorable. Looking forward to the event!
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