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An Easter Sunday

April 01, 2016  •  2 Comments

An Easter Sunday

I've heard the annual Easter debate over how it's celebrated; from the book or from our fantasies. Comments like "I don't see anything about hiding eggs and chocolate bunnies in the bible". 

©Richard Rosario Photography_ Easter 2016©Richard Rosario Photography_ Easter 2016

There's more important concerns; that those we care about are on their way or already there, the check list for the day, or taking a moment to be thankful for our blessings. It's the small things that can get overlooked like the family moments passing us by without notice. So for me, It's these holidays I love to do sessions for the most with bright smiles and matching outfits, how could you not want to cherish these moments? 

Whether your holidays are spent celebrating for religious purposes or because it's been years since you seen certain family members….  That joy spread across my sons face when he's searching for Easter eggs the Easter bunny laid out for the kids to find, is happiness I can't bring myself to destroy. Love is not measured by religious beliefs or politically correct actions. Love is enjoyed and captured in the moments we take with us, the memories. Painting  eggs, egg hunting, eating chocolate, laughs with family, Easter baskets, church, bow ties and family dinners is a big part of the Easter holiday  for me, no matter how's it's placed. 

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0783e©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0783e

Any reason for family getting together and capturing those moments is always good reason to celebrate, no matter what holiday it is. If it was up to me we’d celebrate every holiday from all backgrounds; rosh hashanah to kwanza, long as I can capture it in the moments by embracing it with laughs and a camera,  it's a holiday well spent. Who says the Easter Bunny isn't real anyways? Those peeps have to come from somewhere don't they? Hah, no matter where you come from or what background you have, take these times of holiday cheer and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you in words and hugs. 

You never know when's the next time you'll get to so take the time to do so while you still can. Personally, I prefer to do it with a loud and embarrassing dancing Easter bunny telegram, the more embarrassing the better, but seriously, just enjoy the holidays as they come as gifts we are so lucky to be able to unwrap with those we love.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0109©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0109

These are my boys....As I love to call them....  "My LiL Guy & My LiL-LiL Guy"



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Thank you for the kind words...
Rich, you are always capturing the essence of love. You truly are remarkable. Thank you for blessing us with moments we can keep not only in our hearts but in pictures. No words! Blessings to you and your lil guys!
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