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April 21, 2016  •  2 Comments

Rise & Shine Light on Autism Awareness!

©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0028©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0028Autism

Ever felt misunderstood, like that invisible big pink elephant in the middle of a crowded room? So many faces, so many things going on yet you can't seem to articulate these emotions and thoughts running through you? Interacting with others is not easy, the world is already a scary place, even more so when you can't process your surroundings like everyone else. This is the case with Autism on a spectrum of a variety.

I was honored a few weeks ago to get an inside look into what it's like for a family that endures the ups and downs of Autism and on all days; it was Autism Awareness day April 2nd. I did this photoshoot with the "Bello" family of 4; Francis, Mom to Maria, a 14yr old young lady with this natural beauty and humble confidence, a younger 10yr old brother named AJ who we did a previous photoshoot of as the up & coming kid model a few weeks back, and the star of the show, youngest of the crew, 4yr old Evan. ©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0103©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0103Autism

Evan was diagnosed with Autism but that's not what makes him so cool, no, he's this kid who's so smart and loving. This kid is just this small little guy at only 4yrs old who knows what he wants and what he doesn't want, he's his own little man who's funny and into Spider Man and Thomas the Tank Engine. You can see his connection and bond with his older siblings even through his autism. He may not express him self in the same way that others might but you can tell in the ways that makes him who he is, little Evan with a big heart.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0129©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0129Autism

People process differences in their own way, best way they know how and that's  just being human. What we don't understand so easily we fear which leads us to break it down into pieces to only put it together in how ever way that helps us understand. Autism is not as common in some places than others, it's researched that there are 1 in 68 children diagnosed with Autism in the U.S. according to at

It makes you think, how many people actually do know what Autism is, what's it's about and how it affects everyone differently? The way I see it in my own personal understanding is simple; someone with their own personality just like everyone else in their own unique ways. I really enjoyed getting to know Evan and the rest of the Bello family. These kids were brought up with humble leadership qualities and it's no wonder,  momma Francis is such a great role model putting herself heavily involved into each of them individually, there's no doubt that they’ll grow up successfully.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0294©Richard Rosario Photography_Autism IMG_0294Autism

So take note today to celebrate who you are in all your remarkable ways and don't forget....

Be Unique, Be a Leader, Be YOU!




Lucinda Rodriguez(non-registered)
It's a challenging and unique life so misunderstood. Only a mom knows her child and that comes with love and patience. As I am too a mom of an Autistic son.
I like your comment: Autism is someone with their own personality just like everyone else in their own unique ways. Thanks for sharing!
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