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April 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

Birthday Celebrations for Cecilia Carvalho

A huge shout out to a special “Feliz Aniversário” aka: “Happy Birthday” to the girl all the way from New York to Brazil! Ms. Cecilia Carvalho is turning sweet 16 next week on April 11 2016. This young lady did a special Birthday Photoshoot session last year with us, visiting all the way from Brazil with her mom.

Her mother Raquel, brought her to New York on vacation as a different birthday gift to Cecilia.   Raquel has three beautiful daughters and Cecilia is the middle child of the brew. Every year on the girls’ birthdays, Raquel takes them for photoshoots as their Birthday treats but this year Cecilia wanted something different.

©Richard Rosario Photography - (8x10) High Res_MG_1158e©Richard Rosario Photography - (8x10) High Res_MG_1158eCecilia 2015 Mother & Daughter©Richard Rosario Photography - Cecilia & Raquel

I remember when Raquel had reached out to me and we went over the planning on how she went on about how much these photoshoots mean to her and her daughters so when Cecilia opted out on last year’s family tradition, she knew although it was her choice, Cecilia would miss it. As a surprise, we made it extra special for her and had these sweet, Richard Rosario Photography styled treats made especially in honor of her special day from cupcakes and cakepops to strawberries dipped in white chocolate, it was definitely going to be the “icing on the cake” of a surprise. All supplied by our local amazing “Brew Coffee House”.

Cecilia came to New York thinking of it as a vacation and nothing more, what she didn’t expect was for her mother to go above and beyond to set up a photoshoot for her and boy was she surprised when she walked in to meet this wacky photographer who welcomed them as family, making their session experience as comfortable and exciting as possible, a home away from home.

Cecilia & SkateboardCecilia & SkateboardCecilia 2015 Cecilia & Black DressCecilia & Black DressHappy Birthday Cecilia & American FlagCecilia & American FlagHappy Birthday

I aim to give off that ‘at home’ experience, we all feel our most comfortable, confident selves when we are at home just living in the skin we’re in and that’s how it should feel when you’re in your own spotlight with that extra dash of pizazz. Cecilia made it so easy to capture her natural beauty, she’s just a natural herself with her chic girl next door, dolled up tomboy style and a cool rocker chic side. Her personality shined through all the glitz and glam appeal with that extra touch as she rocked out her skateboard in her photos, it was really cool to meet a teenager like herself that’s so sure of who she is at such a young age.  There were so many great images created that i had to create this little video. Feliz_Aniversário_Cecilia_720p


You can tell that this type of humbled family makes anyone they meet feel as if they’ve been family all their lives. They are the type of people you keep in your hearts and in contact with indefinitely. I have the pleasure to still keep in touch with them til’ this very day and that’s the gift I got to have out of Cecilia’s birthday.

I rarely do this, but since they were coming from Brazil and I was not going to see them for a while, I decided to do a quick video testimonial right after they saw their final images.  Prepare to shed a happy tear… and watch this till the very end….


Happy Birthday to lovely Ms. Cecilia…

from all of us at Richard Rosario Photography Studio!


Estar Blessed, Estar Happy, Estar YOU!



Raquel Carvalho
Dear Richard, your job is perfect! It was really touching remembering that first experience in New York! We'll never forget the new friend we made in Bronx! And I'll never get tired of saying thank you, thank you for making that dream of a photoshoot in New York come true! That was really amazing! Now... lots of happy tears!!! :)
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