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Surprise !!

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Surprise, It’s A ….

I photographed 36wk pregnant Ada B. and she is soaking in every minute of it. Ada knew she had to find a way to keep this time of her life, in a way she can go back to this time of her life she’ll always enjoy more only after it’s already passed. So, she reached out to me to book a session that won’t disappoint. Well, she plans on doing a treasured theme of before the arrival and the grand reveal right here in my studio. You already know I’m all for it.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0136©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled IMG_0136

She wore this beautiful flowing cotton soft, Classical Greece time-period styled dress, making the scenery that much more timeless. This story is special because Ada took charge of her life and she takes life as it comes. Ada is in her late 30’s and chose to wait to have children to be there for family during their time in need and she was happy to do so. She is a Latina women with roots from both Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. When she became pregnant she decided just as this pregnancy was an exciting surprise for her, it would be just as if not more exciting for the sex of the baby to be a surprise too. What she does know though, is whether boy or girl, this baby is going to grow fast already weighing 8 pounds at just 36wks along.

©Richard Rosario Photography - PregnancyPregnancy

Ada talked about her baby shower with a epic theme that seemed to match her photoshoot outfit. It definitely made for an elegant, wistful theme look. She didn’t have any weird or wacky cravings like some women (my wife included) do but she did have a lot of growing pains early on. She’s also realized the smell of Canella is stronger than usual. She really embraced her session, you can tell she was really living in the moment and taking it all in. I’m happy I can make this a possibility, I get to experience this part of your journey right along with you. I can’t wait to do the follow up ‘Big Reveal/Baby’s Arrival’ photoshoot. But for now; Don’t Forget….

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