Richard Rosario Photography | A Little TLC..."Never Hurt Nobody"....

A Little TLC..."Never Hurt Nobody"....

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The Game Changer... Total Life Changes  - Iaso Tea


I have done photography for all types of reasons. I’ve done sessions for makeup spas, head shots, professional shots, a clothing line, for both book and magazine publications and now I got the chance to do a session for a health line retail group of distributors. TLC is a health distributor line that provides “Iaso” Weight loss and Skin care products at a more affordable price range with discount savings options to get more bang for your buck with more in return than what you put in as a part of the TLC product line experience.



I met this group of franchise owners with this really cool healthy lifestyle line of products and sampled some of their products to give it a try. It’s healthy and helps me look even more guapo than I usually do, now you guys have access to get some of your own products that fits your own needs. Iaso is their signature supply for all your weight and skin care needs as part of their 15 years of experience. TLC expanded their line into the United States two years ago originating from Europe and is a big deal in Japan and even more so in Dominican Republic with all naturally organic health & wellness, skin care and makeup products. They even provide a weight loss coffee that’s full of natural caffeine. Some of their products they offer at a drastically lower price range than prescribed from a doctor.

In this photo session, they were capturing their April’s member, Remena Douglas, who went from a size 3X to a medium with a total weight loss of 47lbs. Just wow, is all I can say. Her story alone is a great transformation read. Due to her heavy weight; Remena had high cholesterol so her physician offered her all these prescribed expensive drugs full of chemicals and hormones to help her health with an endless list of side affects and instructions. Remena was not comfortable with those options and decided to give TLC a chance as a healthy alternative to his recommendations. Remena's doctor tried to persuade her to purchase the FDA affiliated drugs telling her; "You don't know what would be in those pesky dangerous pills" and you know what she said? “I don’t know whats in those prescription drugs either”. Yep, a quip whip touche' put him right in his FDA Approved place.  

Cabrini Riley set up the whole photo shoot for her and the girls; since she has experience in retail with her own business with a clothing and accessory boutique line called “Rocthalook” boutique as well as her own long history using Iaso TLC herself. I'll soon write about that whole brand on another blog post.

Hey, if you can make money for living a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same, then why not? So while you're on the market for the next best health choice with Iaso Tea... Don’t forget…

Be Healthy, Be Mindful, Be YOU!



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