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Tribute to Mothers

May 05, 2016  •  2 Comments

“Richar, ven aca!!” I can hear those lovely words as if it’s coming from another room right now. As we all know, when your mom calls you using your first name.... nothing good can come of

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My mother, man, this woman could cook up a storm while folding laundry and helping me and my brothers with our homework all at the same time. The Latina Wonder Woman of her day in age, with a utility belt that consist of a "chancleta" and "VivaPuru".... you couldn’t tell my mom nothing about the type of woman she was that she didn’t already know herself. But anyone who has met my mom for like 10 seconds, can see the sweetness pouring out of her endless smile and kind words. Not just because she is my mom (ok maybe) but I may have the sweetest mom...ever. This has to be my favorite time of year to really enjoy what I do best; bring the beauty out of women and see that look of pride and confidence change their whole demeanor about themselves.

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I’ve seen my mom go through it, with the lost of two of her sons, my brothers. I am sure some have it worse, and some have it better, but to see the tears of your own mom, are something that chokes me up, just thinking about it for ...ten seconds. It is amazing how much women and in particular mothers, have so much endless caring and deep love. It is a connection with their children that we will never truly feel as men, but can see it in your everyday actions. Now my wife and mother of our two little guys... (aka "milk vampires"). It never seems to fail how much it amazes me, how much she does every single day to help, teach, entertain, discipline, care, clean and feed our boys.

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So this post is a tribute to all those barrier breaking, strong, sweet, determined, bad-ass Mommas that see each obstacle as a challenge to overcome rather than a road block.  These are the types of women with handkerchiefs in their hair, fits up, screaming “We Can Do It!”. I could go back on all my childhood memories and tell you about what a cute little kid I was and how I got into trouble more times than I’d like to admit but what I appreciate about who I am as a person is the great sense of humor I feel I have; and I get it from my mom. She always loves to make anyone laugh and having a trait like that in my life and in my business is a real bonus. You can’t really capture who someone truly is without creating some type of connection with them. There’s no better way to getting to know someone than through some good laughs to ease any tension.

To my beautiful mother, the woman who dealt with this guy right here all these years, the woman who raised my brothers and I into the men we are today, a mother with a relentless drive to raise 4 boys into men. I’d like to think she did more than just an alright job, if you ask me, since I am speaking for myself and all.

©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled La Familia en mi Bautiso©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled La Familia en mi Bautiso ©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled Scan49©Richard Rosario Photography_untitled Scan49


Here’s to all those mothers out there..... I want to scream from the top of my lungs....... THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!  

Don’t forget to…

Be Nurturing, Be Caring, Be YOU!


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Raquel Carvalho
Wow!!!! Recognizing and describing your mom this way is really a gift!!! Lucky is your wife to have somebody like you to teach that to your children!!!
Lucinda Rodriguez(non-registered)
Thank you Rich!and Happy Mother's Day to the important ladies in your life as well.
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