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Prom Night in the Bronx

June 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A Night to Remember...


I knew the day  was going to be a busy day. I woke up, did my usual routine with the kids with my morning cup of café con leche and went right into my zone for the afternoon prom photo shoot. When I get ready for any shoot; I automatically take some time to think of who the person is and why they are doing their session. I see the photos before I take them; their pose, the look that reflects the client, the moments that I know will create the emotion in the photo, how the lighting sets on these moments, the scenery as a whole right down to the detail.

©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography

It was a moment to capture for a lifetime for Arnaliz & her brother Felipe…it was their prom night. As they arrived with their friends and their parents; Liz & Arnaldo, I could see the glow in Liz & Arnaldo’s eyes taking in this milestone of their kids special night. We say our hellos, dot our I’s and crossed out T’s and went right in on Arnaliz and Felipe’s outfits with her flowing gown and his suit vest. They were these young kids that suddenly transformed into these young adults dressed for a ball. It was a sight to see. I could see my sons' in Felipe's suit with their dates on their arms and my wife with tears just pouring out of her. I get a glimpse of what my future will look like through this family and I'm just full of love and joy at the thought.

©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario Photography

During the shoot they really enjoyed themselves, laughing and taking their own pics of the shoot, getting anxious to head out for the big night. So, I take some shots and give them some sneak peeks of the images as we come close to wrapping up the session and I think; man, I can't wait to edit these shots and how cool it is to be apart of this occasion with them. Ah, prom night, I think back on mines and remember it like it was yesterday but nothing takes you back like going through those Polaroids. Yeah, yeah, those were the days. Even with all the excitement of prom nights; parents and teens please don't forget to…..


Be Safe, Be Classy, Be YOU!





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