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©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0082e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0082e

About 5 months ago a great friend, Milly from said, "you should call John Denizard about a new project".  I met John before and we clicked when we met months ago.  When we finally sat down to talk, I was really honored and excited to join this project and began the journey of creating a unique magazine that has the Bronx as a main source of culinary stories and expertise.   I was commissioned to shoot the cover of the magazine, but we continued to talk and expanded on the ideas and we ended up agreeing to capture the participating chefs in their own environment.  The idea was to capture them as individual chefs in their kitchens or restaurants, each with a unique look and style.

©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0427e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0427e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0067-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0067-2e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0136e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0136e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0300-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0300-2e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0185-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0185-2e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0367e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0367e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0537e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0537e   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0710ee©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0710ee   ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0778e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0778e

This photoshoot for the cover was a memorable experience. It was an exciting hush-hush and anxious experience not just for me but even more so for John, an Executive Sous Chef whom I was fortunate enough to work with alongside his fun and down to earth humbled group of  professional Sous Chef & Executive Chef backgrounds. These chefs are backed by local Tasty Ladies Food critics associated with AFJ (Association of Food Journalists). They are sensational at what they do and are now showcasing it through publications and photography. John lead the way and knew exactly how he wanted things to go for their look which helped the flow of the shoot come along pretty nicely. This magazine is now published in an exclusive magazine called The Alchemist Food And Wine Magazine.

It is avaible for purchase here:

The cover shots were so exclusive,  that no one was allowed to post anything about it onto their social media. John has been working on something real special and has worked hard to keep it under wraps until its big debut. The energy of this photoshoot stuck with me throughout the day. They were artistic with a uniformed touch; a collection of professional artists, my type of people. I was in my element and man it made everything flow so easy that we were all in and out of there in under an hour. With a group of that size, under an hour is usually unheard of but with this group it was like a melting pot of phenomenal professionals making magic happen. The chef's hair and makeup was done by Sasheen Makeup Artistry (SMA) , Natalia Perez.  You can find further information at their website

©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0014©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs

The location of the cover photo session was held at Rosy’s Manor, an event venue for all your special occasions located at 3677 East Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY. You can check out their website for further information. Their space makes any event come to life even something that has nothing to do with balloons and hosting, such a success.

The magazine was revealed last Friday at the "Eat NYC event held at the Bronx Zoo".​

This one will definitely go in the memory bank for keepsake.

Note: that next week I will tell you about the centerfold images with Baron Ambrosia.  That session for this project was simply EPIC !!! take a look at this one below...

©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0401e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0401e

Don't forget to…

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P.S.  Thanks John! ©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0265-2e©Richard Rosario Photography_Chefs IMG_0265-2e


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