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Mother's Day Winner_2016

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Mother’s Day Winner… Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano

Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano,  ©Richard Rosario Photography"Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano"News 12 Executive Producer, "Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano"

Every year I do a Mother’s Day contest and giveaway a free full photoshoot experience to a lucky contestant to have a day to themselves they deserve as a mother and just because. This year the randomly chosen winner was News 12’s very own Executive Producer Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano who also contributes her writing talent to local blogs like "" and "".

During every session I always want to learn more about my clients so, I begin to get to know Melissa and get a real feel of what makes up who she is. She begins to explain to me how she’s never had a photoshoot before and how she’s not one to be in front of the camera but loves to be behind it, no wonder she’s great at what she does as and executive producer of our local news. First off, Melissa is a family woman before all else. She adores her family and I can tell this right away in the photoshoot. It was this natural - nurturer way about her. Melissa is a wife, daughter, sister, Executive Producer, an achiever, go-getter, but most of all…She is a mom. She begins to tell us about her family, how they are very close knit with family vacations, yearly reunions, calls every day, love for amusement parks and anything Disney - type of a family.

©Richard Rosario Photography - Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano"Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano""Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano" Executive Producer of News 12

As my hairstylist is working his magic, she continues on to tell us about herself and one of the very first things she says was “It was always my calling to be a mom”. She knew it was what she was placed on this earth to become, a great mom, and she nailed it. Even though her little ones didn’t know it at the time, she was there getting pampered on her special day all the while talking all about them. Yep, even when moms are tending to themselves, they still have their kids in mind. She has two boys; Jamie who’s 7yrs old and Jayden who’s 6yrs old. I also know the life of having two little boys close in age; it’s a true love hate relationship between them. Hah.

©Richard Rosario Photography©Richard Rosario PhotographyBoys Jamie and Jayden

So we had Melissa all set up with her hair done by our hairstylist Luis and her makeup done by SMA’s Natalia. While finishing up her photoshoot ready look; in this clear attempt, despite how incredibly difficult it was to do so, to makes sure she doesn’t forget to mention one of the most important people of her life; her father. Soon as she begins, her words pulled me right in over some background music, a loud hair blow dryer and chatter amongst the team wrapping up their work….That the hardest moment she’s ever faced was witnessing from the CBS Newsroom, her father pass on 9/11 as an employee from the 87th floor of the second tower... his name was William Valcarcel.

She spoke this image of this happy, funny guy who loved everybody and always saw a silver lining in everything, even when he made fire safety of his floor at work, because of him being in a wheelchair. Instantly I thought “oh, so that’s where she gets it from”. The way she spoke about her family and her passion in what she does with so much love, you could tell came from her family but most of all from her father...  That alone is something to admire and celebrate.

With this blog; I’d like to show my respects to Mr. William Valcarcel for being the great family man he’s remembered as and a huge thank you to Melissa for the opportunity to do what I love for the very reason I love to do it….

In celebrating our moments in life to cherish forever, so remember….

©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0545e©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - IMG_0545e

Be Loving, Be Blessed, Be YOU!



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