Richard Rosario Photography | Backstage Pass - Richard Rosario Photographs Maternity & Newborns

Backstage Pass - Richard Rosario Photographs Maternity & Newborns

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3D Imaging From 3 Different Angles Series

Every business and every entrepreneur knows the basic 101 rule of business is to first know your business message and image in order to know your target audience. Our message comes from our passion and personal goals. For me it goes without saying; if you’ve worked with me, know me, or have been following my blogs, you know my business is my passion and my passion is in captured life moments. 

Group of Women PhotographRichard Rosario Photography - Women In BusinessPowerful Women Group

Early last year, I was asked to put to together a “Women in Business” Expo photoshoot in honor of supporting not only the local businesses of Throggs Neck, but also in support of all hard working woman business owners everywhere. You can read all about it in a past blog written on the event back in March 2016. I was able to meet some very strong and captivating women and one of those women was the owner of “3D Imaging Services”, Mrs. Evelyn. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend and business woman at the photoshoot; Shaina Albizu, owner of “Shaina’s Spa & Makeup” shop. I mean, it was a business match made in heaven, with her maternity 3D Imaging Services & my photography primarily focused on women, it would be a shame to not work together in some way...and that’s where it all began. 

Maternity Long Red CordMaternity Long Red Cord

Evelyn said she had seen my work and loved my maternity photographs.  During our conversation, she asked since she was refreshing her offices, if  would be willing to help her office decor with my work as the wall art for all 3 of her locations; Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. I was super excited and honored to have this very successful business woman who owns 3 offices spread throughout 3 different boroughs for over a decade overseeing up to 300 clients weekly, asking me for my work..... Man, I was more than honored to be asked and was thrilled at the thought of it. 

I was so touched by Evelyn’s request that I wanted to give her and her clients something in return; an added bonus of my services with a pregnancy photoshoot discount card to go in 3D Imaging Services packages that are hand given to her clients. Us working together in synergy had opened up a whole new venture of clientele for me; pregnancy and newborn photoshoots. I couldn’t be more excited for the experience. Taking on this new business path was something to definitely make a big deal about, not just for myself but for this incredible business that serve the same client base. Everyday Moms.

I knew I had to put this into my blogs, not just One blog but a Three Blog Series (one a month), from 3 Different perspectives;  First: Our Start, Second: A bit about Evelyn, & Third: The clients’ experiences. For me, this is an added treat of what I already do but now I get to put together that missing necessary piece; captured moments progressing from the very beginning onward. Photographing baby bumps in a classic and elegant way yet with a pinch of "Sassy" is what i do best.   Now photographing newborns has its own skillset with setting the scene not only in props, but in how they are placed and that’s usually best done while they are sleeping.  There is a whole new world that I am beginning to explore and further building a team to help in this so very precious babies.

A Lifetime, A Legacy VideoA Lifetime of Photos

With this new business venture, I am putting together a “Lifeplan” package as a new choice in services to set up a growing timeline of a life starting from pregnancy, to infant, toddler, young child, and adolescence that can be paid through installments as the years pass. What a way to see your life flash right before your eyes, hah, pun intended.   I want to capture your life legacy and preserve it for generations to come.... Until then, remember to…

Be Nurturing, Be Caring, Be YOU!



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