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Boudoir Session

February 10, 2017  •  2 Comments

I’ve got a question for you:  What would it take for you to do a boudoir photo shoot?  Whoa, that’s a loaded question!   

Most of the women who come to me for a boudoir shoot tend to be in their early 30’s.  Some are in their late 20’s.  They feel beautiful, and “in their prime” and  want to capture these years “before it all goes downhill”, so to speak.  But what about women in their 40’s?  

Maybe you hear “boudoir session” and think “Hell yes! Point me to the boudoir!” or “I would totally do this for my man!”  But on the whole, you’re not that quick to jump in.  Maybe you want to try it, but you have some questions or conditions.  

Some of those concerns might be:

“It would take an army of makeup artists and a kick-ass photographer, you know like what they did for Catelyn Jenner.”

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“It would have to be my own expression of my sexiness, as a woman, not an object, and I'd want to choose what I wear and how I pose.”

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“I would do it the condition that I got to approve the pictures.  My idea of me looking nice is often the opposite to someone else’s idea.”

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A lot of times, I might even say most of the time, the doubt comes from self-image.  “I feel overweight and uncomfortable with my body, especially around my midriff, since having my baby.”

Overcoming all of that head chatter takes courage.  I get it.  

Okay, let’s make it clear that “it all going downhill” is completely subjective.  In fact, I don’t believe it.  I’m certainly not inside a woman’s mind, but I can also certainly say that from MY perspective, I always want to say to women “you’re beautiful as you are today.  Not tomorrow, not yesterday, You’re beautiful today. And we should capture the way you look and feel TODAY.

And I’m not the only one who thinks that.  You know, your children, they don’t see those extra little rolls or anything that you may dislike from your own body.  They see Mom.  They see Mom the way you are and they love you the way you are.

From the spouses’ perspective, they love you for who are, and they’re soooooo freakin’ happy that you did this. They already think you’re beautiful and this is just another expression of your love, for their eyes only.  And normally they are ecstatic that you had the courage to do this and to give them these pictures and to capture your beauty as you are. They really REALLY enjoy this a lot more than you would imagine. Certainly a dose of adrenaline when a spouse gets to see those pictures.

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But ultimately, if you’re thinking of doing it, you’re doing it for YOU.  Even if you plan to give the pictures to your spouse.   It's empowering to appreciate your own body and in the right light, the right  setting, the right clothes.  You’re fabulous TODAY...why not show what you got!

Be bold.   Be beautiful.  Be you.



Raquel Carvalho(non-registered)
That's amazing the way you empower women, Richard! As a photographer, it seems to me, you can appreciate the innermost beauty of a woman! Congrats!
Diana Diaz(non-registered)
I am definitely in the "gotta lose about 20 lbs" category. But you know, I look back on old pictures when I thought I as so overweight, and I wasn't I was beautiful. So maybe it is just head chatter.
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