Richard Rosario Photography | 3D Imaging Services Part #2

3D Imaging Services Part #2

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Evelyn's Angle - 3D Imaging Services

Let me be the first to publicly put this into consideration; Ultrasound Technologist’s have a deeper and more complex purpose than most know. Having the opportunity to get to know Evelyn and how serious she takes her career opened my mind to this profession more than I ever would have otherwise. First off this seriously needs to be addressed first off; the profession’s title is NOT technician, it is in fact “Technologist”, there is a huge difference and knowing this makes all the difference in the safety and care you have for your unborn child. Everything I’ve learned from Evelyn regarding the journey of maternity through Ultrasounds; the benefits, the risks, and the experience is the reason why we’ve put together our 3 different angled blogs for those who want a glimpse into what they can experience themselves. This is Evelyn’s angle….

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A strong and driven girl born and raised in Richmond Hill of Queens, NY, and with a Guatemalan background, nothing was going to stand in her way towards any path she treads. I could tell this before even getting to know her, I mean the way she carries herself in her posture and her body language.  You could tell this is a woman who always knows what she wants without any doubts. Honestly, it’s rare to come across women that are just naturally this way. But it wasn’t a surprise to find out why. Evelyn, the youngest of 4 children, was raised by a single mother with strong work ethics and understood the importance of education. Her mother’s efforts really made a huge impact on Evelyn and her siblings. Evelyn’s siblings are all successful in one way or another and her background instilled in Evelyn enough to carry those traits on to her own kids. Evelyn and her husband Joseph, a best friend and business partner of 23 years, have 2 children.  The children are following in their parents footsteps by setting their own stakes.  Angel is 21 years old, a Sergeant in the Army and 15 year old ROTC participant.   Christopher is studying medicine to be a Doctor.  With a family tree of this caliber, it’s no wonder her career is her world.


Evelyn's BoysEvelyn's Boys


As for her time, blood, sweat and tears she’s put into “3D Imaging Services” since its grand opening in 2004; it goes far beyond just the basics of what the career demands. As the first latina to open an ultrasound office in all of NY, she couldn’t stop there, she took it even further, obtaining all licenses in modalities of ultrasound technologists above the basic requirements to ensure she gives every client of hers more than just a cute picture to take home. Evelyn and her team are all above basic qualifications to ensure the safety as a second opinion on how your unborn child’s medical well being is. She has diagnosed risks that could of been detrimental to fetuses had it not been caught by her in numerous occasions.

As a client of 3D Imaging Services, you and your unborn child are also patients receiving the utmost care from not just Ultrasound Technologist’s but radiologist that also look at your scans in the efforts of ensure nothing is missed that can be harmful to the baby, the only ultrasound office in NY that is licensed to do so. This business has done so well they have received a people’s choice award for the “Red Tricycle” and is currently going international with their fourth location set to open overseas. If that’s not the type of services an expecting mom would prefer then I don’t know what else would be better. This family owned and operated business is the type of business I can definitely vouch for and collaborate with the same morals and aspects in ourselves and our clients. With that said, don’t forget…





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