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Baby Jemesias on the way

June 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Baby number one is always exciting! Right? I mean everything from belly casting, name picking, putting together the baby’s room, planning a baby shower and to scheduling for a maternity photoshoot. Everything about it is fun except for the morning sickness and of course waiting for the baby to finally arrive, as mom to be; Chasity shared with me.   


Jemesias is the beloved name that the parents chose for their baby boy. This smooth name sprung with inspiration from Dad’s father who was once a pastor. He will be entering this world to two strong loving parents. Both parents are Bronx natives and live in The Bronx together, and has set a goal to remain in New York as their family continues to grow. Both parents share similarities of having family who are from Puerto Rico, mixed with another caribbean island; Dominican Republic.

As inspirational figures, being parents and raising a family is not the only thing on their list. Mom shares a passion with her dream in becoming a successful nurse, joining the fight in wellness. Her main goal is to go back to school and continue her path to her dream. On the other hand, dad is hardworking but what sets him apart from others is his dream of becoming a professional boxer. With some experiences from the “BX Fight Club”, dad has his eye on his dream that awaits him. Both share a tremendous amount of love and also a mutual agreement with their dreams.  


A message to baby boy Jemesias:

There is absolutely no pressure with what you want to pursue in. More than anything, Mom and dad wants you to be free to choose anything that you want to do. Of course, dad will love for you to follow his steps into boxing! But anything you like will do and both, mom and dad will be by your side cheering you on. 


For those who are first time parents, who are creating memories and stories for their first born. For those who were once first time parents before and can look back at their memories and stories with their first born. Many of us take this ability for granted, these are memorable moments that keep for the rest of our lives.  Which is why, memories like your first maternity photoshoot is priceless.


Be Strong, Be Loving and Be You!  





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