My purpose is simple. I want to capture everyday beauty. I know I am not alone in this pursuit. Life is too rich and too precious to let it slip by, day by day, without capturing its full essence. We try to soak up as much as we can because we know the memories can slip away too quickly.
I found this out the hard way, through personal loss of my own.  Upon losing my closest brother in an accident many years ago, I realized that I only had a small number of pictures of him and one video. Those difficult times, triggered a deep interest inside me to make sure I capture life's moments whenever possible. That is when I started photographing. Yet after many years of shooting, I started drifting in the waves of life's daily routines and strayed from my passion.
Fast forward 2011, when my beautiful wife was pregnant with our first little boy. I was suddenly re-energized to capture life again, and started to shoot with a new purpose. However at the same time my eldest brother became sick, and over the next year the bitter sweet moments of my newborn alongside my eldest brother’s fight with cancer, once again proved that life has no set schedule. When we lost my second brother, I realized once again, I only had a few pictures of him. It was then that my interest in photography blossomed into a deep life purpose to capture images of people at their best moments.
Pictures hold the priceless memories of our loved ones, they capture life's moments that may otherwise have passed us by.  Today is the day to capture our lives, because tomorrow is never promised. 
Join me in creating a priceless moment of you and your loved ones too.